Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blue Suede RoadKing

Elvis would be proud. After 50 years of Gold Wings, Valkyries, and others...I broke down.

Late this week, I bought a slightly used RoadKing. It is blue suede and gorgeous. Eleven grand worth of goodies including the tour kit, mini apes, Rhinehart two into one kit. It even has flush mounted caps with blue LED's on the gas tank to let you know how much fuel you have. The speedo is aquamarine.

I am afraid to ride it. I just stare at in the garage. It is love. Just like the big valk, and Margaret King in 5th grade.

I have already planned two trips. One with the Idaho Falls maniacs, Jason and Troy to Reno/Carson City. And one to Santa Ynez.

Here is a picture of my most current love.

image 2 image 3

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davecydell said...

As Grease would say: Schweet