Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Best Piece of Work I Have Read In a Long Time... on Jobs and Jobs

You won't find this in the pollyana mainstream media. You sure as hell won't hear it on CNBC which is owned by GE. Because Obama's new jobs czar, Jeffrey Immelt of GE- absolutely loves China. And like every other greedy bastard in this country- he can't get enough slave labor here and he damn sure doesn't wanted to get priced out of those fat and juicy margins in China.

You will love the snip on Apple. I had no idea they built all of those Iphones in Asia. Or that they could do it here and still make a profit of 50%. I am going to have to rethink my fondness for Apple and for Steve Jobs.

At any rate, this is what you get when you have an inexperienced man as a President-one that presents a job killing piece of health care legislation at the precise moment when we need jobs the most. The law of unintended consequences is on display here.

Five stars to naked capitalism for this piece- the best I've read this year.


Cheryl Pass said...

Hey Brian....Good exposé here. I've been watching Immelt and GE because of the Windmill business with the Chinese, too. I think Michelle Malkin would call him a Corruptocrat now that he is part of Obama's administration...which he already was as GE ownership of MSNBC showed us throughout the election cycle in 2008.

Pray for some uncorruptable leader to come forward....
Thanks for your work here!

M. Simon said...

The only way to kill the two party system is to do away with the 50%+1 rule.

That is what causes two parties. I propose replacing it with a 99% rule. Or perhaps a 1% rule.

Brian said...

Ultimately, I think any salvation will come from a grass roots third party. I dont see the tea party doing this...maybe. The two existing parties just flat out suck. A real defined platform...the libertarian one..will always let you know what a candidate will do. The rest of this mess is just rino/dino garbage.