Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Did the Obama Administration Select the Term "Outlier" When Describing Judge Vinson's Ruling?

The other day, RawMuse made a note of the term "outlier" as used by the Obama administration in describing Judge Vinson's ruling which essentially throws the whole Obamacare law out. A definition of the term from wiki: In statistics, an outlier[1] is an observation that is numerically distant from the rest of the data.

To be sure, "outlier" is a fantastic piece of vocabulary. It involves math which nobody in this administration has ever shown any proclivity for- or demonstrated any basic knowledge of. That the term was metaphorically applied begs the question, "Why did they select that term?"

It is no secret that Obama assembled a team of various psychologists and behavioral scientists during the 07-08 campaign. The conclusion that they arrived at was a basic one. People fear isolation. They fear not being a included or a "part of" something. People fear social isolation. So if you could make Obama the latest and greatest fad or hoola hoop, like Iphones- people would jump on. Clearly, we saw that effect. In some cases, like that idiot woman swooning about Obama paying for her mortgage and gas- many of us knew we were screwed. I cannot embed that YouTube vid here. The thought of watching that again makes me rather sick.

So if we banish Judge Vinson from the herd we have isolated him. Marginalized him. We have labeled him a social outcast- an outlier. The use of the term outlier shows specific intent.

I used to work with a bunch of leftys' who used this tactic in ritual fashion. I have to say, as a former outlier, it is not for the thinned skinned or the faint of heart. It shows the contempt that this administration has for anyone that challenges their thought processes or has the audacity to say such thinking is flawed or illegal. It is the modus operandi of an administration and a narcissist who always thinks he is the "smartest man in the room."

Their ain't no shame in this administration's game. Be nice to see some maturity before the exit plan.

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rawmuse said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Chief. Hey, did ya see the vid of that Detroit shootout? It is a sphincter puckerer.