Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ultimately, the Liberal Belief System Will Fail

It's been a tough week on me. I think I am over the hump.

I kept a wary eye on everything that happened in the economic world this week, including those ridiculously small budget cuts. Like pissing in the ocean. I encourage you to watch the Rand Paul interview segment at the bottom of this piece.

Please don't assume I am some Republican that runs around and hates on Democrats and liberals if you just stumbled in here. I have nearly equal contempt for both parties. There is no solution in either of them. One steals my money and gives it to the wealthy and elite- the other steals my money and distributes it to the poor. You are free to choose which philosophy is best- but in the end it will not matter much. Your work product, your freedom, has been stripped. All you are really deciding is which thief to surrender to. The debt mountain piles high either way.

The liberal experiment is just about over. This crazy notion that we have an inexhaustible supply of money is coming to an end. The reality that we are bankrupt is starting to dawn on people. The severity of that bankruptcy and our inability to work ourselves out of this mess are not yet widely understood or accepted. But it will be. 

Yesterday, I listened to a couple of Senators on CNBC. One was Simpson and I don't recall who the other was. They were talking about the possibility of a "bloodbath" in the coming months as Congress tries to raise the debt ceiling another couple of trillion. Make no mistake about it. This "bloodbath" has to happen. The liberal experiment is over. Either way. Either the liberals capitulate and accept that we can no longer fund every ridiculous social program (think Obamacare and Social Security)- and that includes all of the Republican giveaways to the wealthy and elite (think banks and bailouts) or continue on our merry way and watch this system implode.

In the coming years, history is going to reflect back on the illegal act of bailing out banks and realize that this was the wrong course of action. That Obama waltzed into office, ignored the greatest heist of all time, and then set about further destroying the economy with Obamacare will be long studied in the years ahead of us. It will only be viewed two ways. It will be studied as that point in time when the lawmakers made great sacrifices committing career suicide and creating social unrest- or it will be seen as the beginning of the end of our social and economic collapse. Make no mistake about what you are witnessing now. It is that serious. It is history in the making.

Rand Paul is a libertarian. A lot of people are going to try and paint him as part of the lunatic fringe. The left scrutinizes everything he says and they desperately want to marginalize him and they will try to every chance they get. His own party will do the same. Rand Paul actually realizes the extraordinary scope of our problem and is willing to go to any lengths- including career suicide- to cure it. Rand Paul is questioning the courage of the Republican party with good reason. Being called a coward never sits well with cowards.


Anonymous said...

Still thinking 2-5 years for our economy?
Just curious...

Glad you're back!

Brian said...

Ha! I was just discussing this with a friend last night. It is like the man who predicts the day that he will die. He will be wrong 29,000 times and right only once. So much can happen between now and then. Perhaps we should land on Dec 21, 2012 Lisa. Maybe the mayans knew something we didn't. Thanks..


Anonymous said...

December 21, 2012-It's a DATE! We'll go Dutch!?!

You're Welcome...

Anonymous said...

That video of Rand Paul was great. One of the problems living down here is the only US news I see is CNN International and they carry very little on the US. So I have to depend on the written word on the Internet for my news. This was the first time I was able to hear Rand Paul speak. I was impressed. Thanks for sharing.

rawmuse said...

Rand Paul loses me with the whole "cut Israel loose" deal. Screw the Mohammedans. They want pain and misery and subjugation for us. They want to wrap our women in burkas and throw homosexuals off of tall buildings. F*ck them.

Brian said...

I think his views are an essential part of the Libertarian platform. That he was able to make a good case that Israel has plenty of dough and resources to defend itself rather than default to Libertarian platform tenets was opportunistic.

I guess where you lose me here that all Paul is saying is sorry, we can't blow the dough on you guys anymore. He is not supporting Israel's enemies...or the extremists which we can't do much about anyway.