Saturday, February 5, 2011

Proof That The World Is Nuts

The country of Malawi wants to extend a law, passed in 1929, to include farting. Public flatulence will now be illegal.

At first I thought this was a joke. Then I read that it is a lawyer that is pushing for this and I knew that it was legit. There will be moonbat lawyers in California, perhaps even in Moonbat Valley, Idaho, that will be upset that they did not get in on the "cutting edge" of this new prescient law.

Moonbat Valley has a dog poop law. They have found dog poop to be visually offensive. Apparently the sight of dog poop on a snowy white trail ruins their outdoor experience. They are not going to take this any more. But I digress...

We should get in on this tsunami of sensitivity and consciousness. Why re-invent the wheel? 

We could call our new law something cool, like "human crop dusting." We could have advertising campaigns to create "public awareness." Show people behind bars on TV. Harsh sentences for repeat offenders. Perhaps have some studies on breathing second hand gas and the toxic, life shortening, and lingering side effects. Maybe the President can appoint a new Czar.

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