Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good News From The Corners

I read every blog on my blog roll daily. 

A few days ago- I noted how much stronger silver had been acting against it's golden cousin. That idea was confirmed yesterday as gold settled down a little...but silver went up. Harvey Organ's blog is an excellent place to get the inside scoop. His report here bodes very well for silver. He speculates that March is the battleground. I believe the war will start in earnest on Monday with a tremendous ramp up very possible.

The Friday jobs report was terrible. Virtually no jobs were created and a half million people ran out of benefits. That means they are no longer counted. That means the unemployment rate dropped to 9.0. At this point in time, BLS generated unemployment figures have virtually no meaning. They have in effect marginalized themselves. Great read here.

More confirmation here:

For anyone wondering why the Bernank can claim no inflation fears, read this. It explains that the CPI number is over weighted by a dismal housing market and that because of this...everything else in the basket gets ignored. This blog is well researched and a must read for me. For Californians especially. My thanks to the Dr.

And I like to finish on a high note. Wirecutter has posted a video on job creation that makes sense. Those easily offended can pass here.

Truthful news is always good news. You are what you eat or something like that.

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You think maybe that the President of Malawi and Obama are related? It sounds like they have a lot in common.