Monday, January 31, 2011

Judge Roger Vinson, In Upward Mobility Ending Move, Tosses Out Obamacare

This is the government's position. "We don't have a health plan, we will invent one and not read it, we will not tell anyone what it is, and we will make you all pay for it. Well at least those of you who we don't like- we will make exceptions for ourselves and our friends." What could go wrong with that plan?


Thank gawd there are still some rational people out there with a spine. Thanks Judge Vinson for doing the right thing. We shall soon see if the Supremes are capable of similar, rational thought.


Anonymous said...

That's one for the Gipper. Maybe common sense is completely dead in this country. Nice catch, Brian. I hadn't seen that decision.

rawmuse said...

The Obama admin. has called the judge "an outlier". 26 states are now "outliers" to these people. Amazing.