Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*Crappiest Writing of the Week, Groundhog Day Inaugural Winner Announced!

*I am going to try and play nice. Just focus on the writer content.

I read a lot of things on line. I try to link the most coherent (those that agree with me) and I ignore all those stupid bastards (those who disagree with me) who write ridiculous things. However, every once in awhile I read something so gawd awful it is a "stand out." Thus this award.

I read some very funny things.

My favorite site is "knuckledraggin my life away." I catch it every day. The writer is very funny, clearly hates libtards, and ends a lot of rants with "Fuck Obama." How can you not like that? Anyone who calls his dog, Charliegoddamnit is alright in my book. My absolute favorite part of his site, is the comment box. I laugh every time I read his "notice." Rather than stealing it, I am going to link his comment site here. You gotta love this guy. I have secret fantasies of sending his stuff to all of my serious moonbat friends. They consider themselves politically correct and sensitive. All knowing and omnipotent. They have no use for a "God" because they have replaced him. Reading this site would publicly induce a gag reflex. Even if they secretly thought it was funny.

I admire people with courage. I don't always agree with their views but that doesn't penetrate my skin. That includes moonbats with conviction. In fact, if you have personal courage and even a half assed argument- I am ok with that.

To qualify for my "Crappiest Writing of the Week Award" an online writer has to have these attributes. First, the piece must be completely self absorbed and ego driven. Writers that think they are clever but really aren't. They must be making a comment that absolutely offers no solution and they get bonus points if the comment is so distracted with some personal hatred or minutia that they simply rant. If they continually repeat that behavior, it elevates their status. If you have to re-read their stuff looking for one valid point- this helps. Total unconsciousness always gets this prize.

I see a lot of things, syndicated stuff, that might qualify. It is difficult to isolate one writer each week. This weeks award winner goes to my hometown editorial writer. He has consistently proven himself capable only of ranting. Week after week I read this stuff. It is designed to be inflammatory and if the author offers a solution- it usually is so ridiculous that implementing it is not even remotely possible. This week is a typical week for him. He attacks the GOP like a harpy and consistently avoids any criticism of his own sorry assed party. He dreams of adversaries who are nothing but fantasy. He is completely and utterly unconscious. Incapable of any rational thought. That he gets paid to write this stuff defies comprehension and borders on charity and goodwill.

Congratulations Mr. Murphy. You get the prize this week. Consistently unconscious, hate filled, and predictable. Week after week. You are my "Groundhog Day" inaugural winner! Today's piece is a shining example of your unerring commitment to remarkable consistency.

Here is your trophy, delivered in person by none other than Jack Nicholson.

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