Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Screwing You Get For the Screwing We Got

How do you explain to a bunch of math challenged moonbats and status quo elitists that we aren't just broke, but that we owe 20 trillion? (I include Fannie and Freddie) That 14.2 trillion dollar deficit rings up 1.9 TRILLION a year in interest?

People just don't get it. They think the bank will just extend us more credit. They have a checking account that is one million in the hole and they are still writing checks! Your FED is monetizing the debt. Adding zeroes. There is no money moonbats. Elitists, you have killed the host. It's game over.

You cannot GDP grow your way out of this. You cannot print your way out of this. You cannot spend your way out of this. You have two choices. Slash and burn all government spending or risk default and collapse. You no longer have the luxury of debating which program is worthy or has merit. They ALL have to go.

The greatest political performance ever- is the one we are about to witness in the coming months. Because both of these spineless parties know what has to be done and they simply lack the WILL to do it. They will debate back and forth, posture, come up with some watered down piece of shit and proclaim the virtues of all of their hard work.  That's the problem when you have kept the citizens in the dark for 30 years. It's too late to educate them now. They are going to be really pissed if you actually muster the courage to shit can something like the Dept. of Energy or say vaya con dios to the Department of Education. 

Taking cues from Dear Leader, one wonders if any politician has the guts to address the depth of necessary cuts and the millions of Federal jobs that will have to go. That unemployment will rise again dramatically- if they act swiftly?

They have screwed the pooch, big time. There is no escape. There is nothing left to do but laugh at the theatrics we are about to witness.

Sooner or later, the politicians are going to have to tell the people that they sold us into eternal slavery to the FED and the banking cartel. This is the screwing they get for the screwing we got. I don't feel the least bit sorry for any of you political hacks. This is gonna be fun to watch.


Dave said...

It is as you say. There may be a few politico's with the guts to slash and burn, but they will never have the votes. I keep trying to steer the Moonbats to the state of affairs in the Peoples Republic of California. But they think everything is fine there. You cannot force these people to smell the roses. Nero would fit well in modern day America.

Brian said...

Great things are happening there. Gov Moonbeam is scheduling that vote to "temporarily" raise taxes to cover the 25 billion dollar budget shortfall. They owe the Feds 1.2 billion a month for UE benefits and they haven't even mentioned that.

So for a state that hated Arnold...all they can possibly do is vote yes on the tax hike. Failing that, government will have to slash and burn big time. I'm not sure anyone cares anymore. I think it implodes.