Monday, January 31, 2011

Remember that 20 Billion Dollars BP Put Aside for the Spill?

Yea. Out of 91,000 claims, BP has paid just one (1). And they are refusing to disclose who that went to. It's a secret, don't you know? Why the secrecy? Well, you can bet it's some politically connected crony outfit, the article says it's a BP partner. Love to follow that money trail.

More fine government efficiency.

The date of the spill? April 20, last year. We are going on one year and BP hasn't paid jack shit. All of those desperate people will probably settle for a fraction of what they should have gotten by now. They'd have been better off telling government to screw off and just went about their business. At least they'd have some money and a better bargaining position. This shit is criminal and purposeful. That's how the thugocracy, kleptocracy, crony government works. Hijack 20 billion for political expediency, then make life miserable for the little people that got damaged.

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