Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Old Men Fantasize About..."Let's Get This Party Started!"

Wouldn't you just love to be able to ask some folks some questions and get the truth? These are some of my fantasy questions. I have more than ten. When I thought of one, it tended to sprout others. Here then without further my fantasy interrogation.

1. To President Obama. How many millions have you spent defending legal challenges to get your original long form birth certificate? Wouldn't it just be simpler to produce the damn thing if you have nothing to hide? We have standing as voters, I think it's time you provide proof and some of that transparency you ramble on about.

2. To President Obama. Why did you ignore the greatest economic collapse the world has ever known? When is Eric Holder going to prosecute crooked bankers and politicians instead of suing states? How much money have you taken from banks in campaign contributions? Have you ever received discounted loans while Senator or President like Angelo Mozilo likes to hand out? Did William Ayers write your books? Did you ever receive financial aid as a foreign student?

3. To Hank Paulson. Why did you let Goldman Sachs chief rival,  Bear Stearns fail? Why didn't you let Goldman Sachs fail? Did you originate fraudulent loans packages and resell them with fraudulent AAA ratings, knowing they would default? Why did you fail to disclose how much money Goldman stood to get from AIG? Were you aware of Goldman's short bets on the very insurers that insured those crappy loans you generated and sold? (My list for Hank could go for days) Most importantly, did you have stock, options or other personal and financial interests with Goldman Sachs, either held directly, in trust, or with third parties that would become worthless if Goldman collapsed?  

4. The Joint Chiefs of Staff. Two questions. Are you ever going to find Osama Bin Laden or will this be an eternal goose chase? And just who fired the mystery missile off the coast of LA in November? And if you say, "I don't know" I get to slap you in the head.

5. To Hillary Clinton. (I'd have to put her on a polygraph) How was it that you suddenly decide to make gobs of money trading cattle futures, yet prior to that lone incident, and thereafter- you have never engaged in cattle futures trading? Was it simply a bribe, or a payoff? Did you just wake up one day and say "I think I will trade cattle futures today?" Have you or your husband ever received money for favors or bribes, directly or through third parties? What took you so long to produce Vince Foster's personal effects? Did you destroy or hide anything of his before or after you released the documents? Did you lie under oath in either Travelgate or Whitewater? How many scandals have you and Bill been involved in- up to and including Monica and Wikileaks? Why do you still have a job?

6. To Every Member of Congress. Have you ever taken any free gift, modified loan, sweetheart deal, bribe, either directly or indirectly delivered to you or a third party in return for any consideration, favor, job offer, pork project, or future employment? How much money in political contributions have you received from banks? Why is it that you refuse to prosecute fraudulent bankers?

7. Congress. When are going to pass a law forcing banks to adhere to generally accepted accounting principles that all other businesses must use? Properly valuing assets and booking liabilities. When will we ever see any kind of truthful or honest disclosure from banks? How about doing the same with Fannie and Freddie?

8. Angelo Mozilo. (We'd have to give him immunity) What members of Congress and government employees received "Friends of Angelo" loans while you were at Countrywide? What were the terms? Think Dodd, Conrad, and keep going...what did you receive?

9. The Bernank. If the FED works for government why can't we audit the FED? What are you hiding? Who all does the FED loan money to? Where did you get the 9 trillion to bail out the banks in the fall of 2008? Why didn't the FED just loan the additional 700 billion TARP you sucked out of taxpayers if you have so much money? Were you broke? What reserves does the FED have and what are the fractional limits you use?

10.The Bernank. Has the FED ever participated directly or indirectly in the precious metals markets? Have you ever received financial benefits, loans, compensation, bribes or future payoffs other than your salary, either directly or indirectly through third parties, for any decision or act you have done while FED chairman? Can we see the terms of any loan you currently have outstanding since you have become FED chairman?

What a blast this would be. My idea of a good time. Truly.

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Anonymous said...

Countless times I've had similar thoughts but never put them into words. Wouldn't you just love to have an hour alone with these people?

You need to think about getting your own "Talk Radio" show there in Moonbat Valley. I bet you would be a hit with the rest of the people.