Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Market for Old Men

I feel like I am trapped in some alternate universe. A place where just a few mainstream media outlets have taken me hostage. They feed me a diet of filtered, pollyanna bullshit. I cannot escape. They desperately want me to believe that I am crazy or insane. I can get well if only I would change my attitude. I am Bill Murray, listening to the same silly Cher song. Day after day, after day.

Many of my friends have succumbed to the rhetoric. It is easier that way. They are not isolated, or alone, and they look at me and wonder if I need a prescription refill. If I hear the word recovery ever again, I think I will vomit. My captors are getting pissed. They grow frustrated with me.

So it is, every day, I get up and turn on CNBC. I look at the markets. They are always up. It is illegal for them to ever go down. Women with big boobs beckon me, temptresses holding some forbidden fruit. After a huge employment miss, this is how they spin it, courtesy of CNN.
"Broadly speaking, we're taking two steps forward and then one step back," Robillard said. "In my view, that's still progress, but it's certainly slow."
Snowstorms in the Southeast and layoffs of temporary holiday workers could be distorting the January numbers more than usual, some economists say.
Still, the general theme remains the same, Robillard said -- the economy is improving, but at a much slower pace than hoped.

Today, once again, the markets are up. The unemployment rate tacked on one of the worst losses I have seen in recent months. The Baltic Dry Index, an unmanipulated piece of raw goods shipping data, is at the worst levels I have ever seen. There is no demand for raw shipping, yet prices continue to rise. Higher commodity prices are no longer driven by lack of supply. My simple mind thinks it has to be inflationary forces and excess worldwide money printing and devaluation- yet some man on the TV with a large head tells me I am nuts. Look at that core CPI data you fool, inflation does not exist.

I view Ben Bernanke as our leader. He runs this place. We have no structural plan other than to ignore history and print money. Obama is some clueless idiot, he acts like nothing is wrong. The young folks haven't seen this game before. I have. This is no market for old men.

I don't hear Cher on my radio every morning. I hear the Kinks. The younger, happier version. I wish I could go back. Yea, really.

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Anonymous said...

Just keep whistling as you pass the cementary, Brian. Everything will be all right. And, there's a bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy.