Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is Our "Skylab" Moment

I thought the Sputnik metaphor was quite a stretch in the big speech.

What I thought was funniest was that Obama was preaching to the hostages. Like somehow, it was our fault for not wasting enough of our money on more government. Maybe if we could all just create big cushy jobs with huge salaries and then send all of our money to Washington- maybe we could make this whole depression thing go away. Big government could catapult us to the stars.

Ya know, just will our way out of this mess. 

A far more fitting metaphor might have been, this is our "Skylab" moment. For those of you who don't remember, I remember scenes with people walking around with hard hats on. Waiting for the flaming debris of Skylab to impact the earth.  I think Australia charged us a littering fee. No kidding.

Space Junk

The largest fragment of Skylab recovered after its re-entry through Earth's atmosphere. It is on display at the United States Space & Rocket Center.


Dave Stellers said...

Hey, have you copywrited the term "Moonbat". Because I want to start throwing it around up here.

Brian said...

No, I stole it from someone else...

Eric said...

Skylab - yes, how embarrasing, we couldn't even make it crash right.

Obama's speech was as embarrasing; an hour of platitudes and rhetoric. The fact that the Republictrats and Demicans "sat together" and kept clapping and standing at every hackneyed line of politician doublespeak made the entire event even more frightening.

Brian said... best bud called from Hawaii and asked...did Obama lay out any kind of plan or strategy? How to deal with our debt crisis?

We are all in the same camp. He is a cheerleader of no substance. He has no plan for achieving any kind of measurable results. And we are going to ring up another 3 trillion in debt before we can get rid of him. Let's hope we can.