Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another One of the P.I.I.G.S, the "S", Headed for the Big Misery

Of the 100 or so articles I scan each morning, this one caught my attention.

It's like wheel of fortune. So far Vanna has turned the letters for Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and now Spain. The only letter left is Italy.

Hey ECB, fire up those QE1 printing presses and shovel those new eurodollars into the Bovespa. Create the illusion of fiscal health and then have the politicians and media wax recovery. It's been working great over here.

I see it just a little differently. I throw in a J (Japan) and a G (Germany) an F (France) an E (England) a C (Canada) and a U for us. This I call F.U.C.J.E.G. primarily because I cannot think of any clever anagram that Vanna could turn. Behold the mighty world debt clock.

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Anonymous said...

The Black Swans are circling, my friend. Which one will land first, I don't know. May God help us all.