Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Brainiac of the Week Award Goes to This Moron

I snipped this from another site. I've left his name off because he may be in a blackout and I think we all remember how we felt about blackouts (you were dancing naked in front of the CEO and his wife at the Christmas Party!) when we sobered up.

what traditionally happens in an extended crisis is that those who have cash can pick up gold for cheap from those who need it who have lost their jobs and need to buy necessities.  the history of most collapses is that those with the cash will make a bundle when people with non cash assets need money.  I think the most recent example was ecuador.  You have to have the resources to make it through the first year of a crash if you happen to lose your job, otherwise you will likely be selling your assets at a nice discount.

That's right people. Save your worthless currency. You can pick up assets on the cheap. Probably get generators, ammo, gold for next to nothing! They'll be lining up to take your Weimar currency.

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