Sunday, January 23, 2011

Non Coward Gunman Walks Into Police Station To Hone Marksmanship, Suicide Skills

For years I have witnessed cowardly killers walking in to unarmed and civilian workplaces and shooting up the joint. Killing helpless people. Very cowardly.

I had noted over the years, that would be killers never walk into police stations to pull that shit. Until today. And as expected, the cops shot back. In Detroit.

The Scorecard

Mentally ill and/or using drugs and alcohol or both- 100% chance
Cops know this guy- 100% chance
Cops used available cover- 100% chance
Number of cops shot and survived- 4
Number of suicides- 1
Number of retired bloggers on FG that are glad they are retired- 1

The breaking story.

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