Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hug An Atheist (An Easter Wish)

For the greater part of my 51 years, I have struggled with many things, but nothing so powerful as my very own ego.

Ego is that part of me that forms opinions and beliefs. It is predisposed to practicing contempt prior to investigation. In the old days- once my ego formed an opinion, the issue was over. My ego you see, had issued it's ruling. My ego was never willing to re-examine an issue once it had been decided.

Oh, how I used to struggle with the whole "God" concept. With faith. With your beliefs. With who created God. With Revelations. I wandered aimlessly until a couple of odd things happened.

I recovered. I ceased fighting. I became conscious. I no longer rigorously defended a bunch of opinions and beliefs that hardly amounted to fact. Far from it. I let people believe anything they want to believe. That includes the Klingons and the Moonbats. Even the atheists. They have that right. They are on some journey that is solely their own. I don't know where their final destination is. Or even my own.

So I became willing to believe that there was something out there far greater than you or I, or some skinny dude with big ears that talks a lot. I came to believe that quite possibly on some Good Friday many years ago- that maybe we, meaning mankind- missed the real message. If a man, painfully nailed to a cross and eviscerated, could ask forgiveness for those who were killing him (in the most painful and humiliating manner of that day) perhaps that was something outer worldly. That level of consciousness is simply not practiced on this planet. Unconditional love? Who believes in that? Maybe this guy wasn't from these parts after all.

How can you continue to love and ask forgiveness for the people who are murdering you? Is there a lesson there? Well...

Jesus practiced unconditional love. He did that with Judas who betrayed him and with the Romans who had ordered his death. As he lay on that cross, did he wail and behave like a victim? Nope. Did he profess his innocence? Nope. He was concerned about others and practicing unconditional love right to the very end in a fearless- I am going to be resurrected soon anyway- kind of fashion.

I can wrap my arms around a God that practices unconditional love. Not that man made, "send you to hell version of God." If your ego still believes in that type of God- you have every right to remain an atheist.

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a911Chick said...

Good post, Brian. Even this Catholic Irish girl agrees!!!!