Monday, April 9, 2012

Rigging the Presidential Election

Never ask a question unless you already know the answer.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that President Obama was a bought and paid for banker shill. It's just a matter of tracking his associates and his money. That's how he went from obscurity to prominence. A puppet that would do the elite's bidding which in 2008- meant not prosecuting thousands of fraudulent bankers. That was the deal. Bankers bankrolled the two year political veteran and thus they managed to stay out of jail. It was that simple.

This time around- the elite offering is a rich and like minded banker or an incumbent- who given his lame duck status- will surely destroy the United States because only a few of us are paying attention.

I am convinced that President Obama is sick. Spiritually sick. Obama pretends to be a decent human being. He dresses up the kids, plays sports, tells jokes, and acts like a normal, well adjusted person. He's not. He's just as fraudulent as his hidden history hints at. He is an actor and that's what our culture worships.

Look at the Republican offering. It's a two headed beauty contest that has been repeating itself, seemingly forever. We are given our two shitty choices by the status quo elite and thus we keep electing people like Paris Hilton because those are the offerings.

I cannot tell you how much I detest this system. It has morphed into the perfect way to rig elections. Instead of finding one sympathetic and shitty candidate, all big business and the status quo need to do- is find two of them. And pay for them.

There isn't a thimble's worth of difference between either candidate. Both candidates suck just like they do every Presidential election. That isn't a coincidence. It's a PATTERN, people. They want it that way because it's always about the same two things. The people with money and power- want to keep their money and power. Money and power is why this buffoon is running again. The elite and status quo "haves"- like the two party system just the way that it is. They offer up a couple of shills each election cycle to make you think you have a choice...and it works beautifully.

I spend hours each day reading the ridiculous rants of the left and the right. All of that wasted time and energy. All of that writing, posturing. These are not stupid people. They are simply unconscious. They go about their lives in some unconscious fashion, following the lead of the people before them. They cling to some party memory that hasn't had any meaning for decades. They still blame the other side like there is some solution in that. It is lunacy, idiocy. Yet intelligent people with degrees from Ivy league schools- make lots of money talking about a system that hasn't worked and has failed it's citizens for at least the last half century. Wow. Good for them. I do the same thing for free.

I don't win over readers when I tell them they are suckers.

You are wasting your vote and doing precisely what the status quo wants you to do- when you select one of their two shills. One of them is going to become your President. That's how all good plans are designed and executed. Rigging an election isn't hard- it just costs money.

I wouldn't vote for either one of these candidates if my life depended on it- and it just might.


One Guy 2012 said...

Nicely said, FG.

I'm glad you're being honest and deciding not to vote. Of course, the long knives will come out and you will be vilified as being pro-Obama since you won't vote for Romney, but who cares. You are the only person that needs to be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

Bravo, sir.

Personally, I'm writing in my Presidential vote when the time comes. It's either going to be Mickey Mouse or a friend of mine living in PA. I haven't decided yet.

Anonymous said...

Good one Brian. I hear ya. Same robo talking points kicked back and forth every 4 years. I'll vote but will have to pinch my nose...for all the good it does. AE

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said about both Parties. Yet I am encouraging people to vote for Romney.Why? Because unlike Obama and the Democrats, the Republicans understand they need a healthy economy to pay for all their programs and wars. They will cut corporate taxes and open up oil and gas drilling and that will spark the economy. My hope is that when they get the economy moving the $3 trillion that banks and corporations have sitting on the sidelines will start circulating in the real economy and then we will see some serious inflation. The bond markets will react by forcing down bond prices and increasing interest rates. Then, hopefully the clowns with R and D after their names will be forced to do what they don't want to do to keep from defaulting. That's my plan anyway. If I'm wrong well it won't be the first time.

BTW. I for one will not blame Libertarians if Obama is elected as another commenter suggested. If Obama is reelected the only people to blame are those that voted for him.

Fredd said...

I understand your cynicism, Brian, considering where our country stands today. And you sitting out the election will really not make or break any candidate, statistically, so I won't bad mouth your decision.

I have a hard time buying this vast banker conspiracy, however. I think Obama is indeed a product of the Chicago machine, bought and paid for by nefarious folks of many walks of life, the Outfit among them.

But Romney? I dunno, Brian, the Right doesn't really have the stones or the backbone to stick to a conspiracy that can put a guy into the White House.

Brian said...

Ok Fredd, let me take a stab at answering and proving what I have stated.

First of all, I cannot nor will I vote for one more superficial, elite, self serving piece of garbage. I am officially done as of the 2004 election. I use various resources to back up what I say.

Let's define conspiracy. Let's suppose that thousands of fraud committing bankers were actually aware of the shitty loans they had made to people who would never pay them back. They were well aware of what they had done. They were also well aware that they had committed fraud. They also know fraud is prosecutable. So if a few thousand crooks, like Angelo Mozilo, find some lackey that promises to look the other way and keep them out of jail- wouldn't you do that? Of course you would. William Black has several outstanding vids on YouTube about precisely this thing. The exact same thing occurred back when we had a rule of law.

Ok, so travel to Open Secrets here...plug in any thieving politician...and see who bankrolls them. Notice anything similar?

Romney is a Bain Capital thieving banker. He has 25 million dollars in offshore bank accounts that he doesn't pay taxes on- and that's just for starters.

So Fredd, do you really think Romney is going to throw his friends and backers- including himself- under the bus? Of course not. He's going to butter their bread and his- and steal yours.

These bastards don't give two shits about our country. It's all about greed. I don't even think labeling it as cynicism is accurate. It's just the fucking truth Fredd with out confessions or a re-creation of the crime scene.

republicanmother said...

A great post! The unvarnished truth revealed.
For the reference of the uninformed like Fredd, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup are the main components of the corporate side of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel.