Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Last Patriot

Write in Ron Paul this fall. If 100 million of us do that- the elite won't get their way. The FED won't continue. Crony capitalism will be crushed, the deficit will end. The mongrel party will lose. Or be a coward, vote for one of the two big parties, and get the same result that we always get. A whole bunch of suck.


Dave said...

Absolutely.. George Romney's son and Barry Soetero dont give two shits about my vote, and I don't care. They arent getting it. My one small F you to President Obamney. Write Paul in folks.

republicanmother said...

Yee hah! Got my attitude on! It really makes me sad seeing all these "conservatives" act like a bunch of nancy girls rolling over for Romney. It's like Stockholm Syndrome or something.

Brian said...

It's true. That is one of the reasons I simply can't stand Ace of Spades HQ. Supporting Romney is un patriotic. They defend that guy- only because Obama sucks worse. Maybe. Romney is the rich and elite choice- he hardly represents the 99%. The Republican Party is a dysfunctional mess and should be replaced. Anybody supporting their progressive agenda might as well register D.