Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If You Want To Say Nice Things About Castro, Ozzie Guillen, Find a Country That Believes in Free Speech

For chrissakes Ozzie, this is America.  If you want to say nice things about foreign dictators- you are going to have to find someplace that actually believes in free speech. Maybe England, Switzerland. Or France. Some place that doesn't get all butt hurt every time someone utters something.

All speech in America is approved in advance by the central planners, statists, and moonbats. You should have asked them first- if you could say a nice thing or two about Castro. You are lucky you still have a job.

Ozzie's horrific and offensive comments here. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/11816415-419/ozzie-guillen-suspended-5-games-explains-fidel-castro-comments.html


Anonymous said...

Hm. Maybe I am missing the thrust of your intent, but Free Speech wasn't impeded here in Ozzie's words. No one told Ozzie he couldn't say what he wished. No one said he didn't have Free Speech. He has been held accountable for his idiotic words, (and my Free Speech rights say I can say his words are idiotic, provided I am ready to be held accountable for saying it in the first place), and there it is.

His punishment, done by his team, is hardly an example of his Free Speech rights being impeded or restricted.

Brian said...

If you are punished for uttering nice things, whether you like the subject or not, are you telling me that-that is ok...just as long as you agree?

One Guy 2012 said...


Ozzie saying positive things about Castro is well within his rights of Free Speech. No one said he couldn't say nice things about Castro.

What has happened here is that Ozzie is being punished by his team leadership for saying nice things about a dictator. Ozzie is being held accountable for his words, which he was free to speak.

Perhaps I am missing something here, but at no time has anyone told Ozzie his Free Speech rights have been suspended. He said something his leadership thought was asinine, and is being punished for it.

I can yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater as is my FS right. However, I will be arrested and convicted for public endangerment or some other such thing. Accountable.

Ozzie can say whatever he wishes, as is his right. But he needs to take his punishment from his superiors like a man and let it go. Does that make sense, what I have written, or am I babbling?

To truly violate our Free Speech would be to literally slap your hand over someone's mouth and forbidding them from speaking. This is not the case with Ozzie. His Free Speech has cost him. Accountability, nothing more.

By the way, I really dig your layout here. That whole flipcard theme is pretty intriguing. If only WordPress offered something similar!

Brian said...

I am really glad to have this discussion with you- in fact- the distinctions each of us make are precisely why I wrote the blog.

Ozzie's statements hardly rise to some level where safety is in jeopardy. He wasn't racially or sexually biased- he wasn't even being a smart ass. He was simply stating that he admired Castro. So his remarks hardly rise to any inflammatory level.

Secodly- who is going to start deciding what is punishable speech and what isn't? Do I want the Marlins staff deciding what I can say and what I can't? Will the government enforce this or post the rules somewhere in a conspicous place?

It ain't free speech if you are punished for it. Plain and simple. It is probably lawsuit worthy- and winning lawsuit worthy- but Ozzie knows he would be toast then.

The real reason Ozzie was punished by his team was never speculated on. I believe it was ticket sales. That simple. Had the fish come out and said Ozzie's remarks are going to cost us revenue rather than cloaking it in bullshit- well, at least that's honest.

What sayeth ye One man?

One Guy 2012 said...

--Secondly- who is going to start deciding what is punishable speech and what isn't? Do I want the Marlins staff deciding what I can say and what I can't? Will the government enforce this or post the rules somewhere in a conspicous place?--

I think this is a leap. For the leadership of a pro sports team to punish one of their staff for foolish talk is not the gateway to our government coming in like gangbusters and punishing all dissenters against our Dear Leader.

I spank my kids in my house, as they are under my authority. But what I do in my house is a far cry from the government telling us to spank or not to spank.

Do I believe the government is moving towards removing Free Speech? Definitely. But the issue of Ozzie being punished by his leaders is not indicative of the machinations of a corrupt government. It's simply business for that sports team.

We agree, really. We are simply coming at it from different angles.

Brian said...

I see your employer angle and distinctions-

However, I cannot see how this adversely effects the organization. Do you spank your kids for saying they like Obama?

Nevermind. Don't answer that.

One Guy 2012 said...

--Do you spank your kids for saying they like Obama?--

What I do is Pavlovian in nature. When I spank them, I show them a photo of Obama and say, "He's the reason you're getting spanked." It is working wonders, I assure you. These kids of mine will never vote Democrat. LOL!

Thanks for swinging by my blog. You can come and go as you please. :)