Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Like a Nightmare, Only Worse

I get tired of beating up on lefties. In all fairness, I don't give enough credit to righties.

I have seen absolutely no evidence that either one of these factions ever passed a basic math class and we damn sure know they don't spend their time reading 2300 page bills.

So let me explain how pathetic these proposed budget cuts are. The Republicans are proposing, get this- "35 billion in budget cuts this year."

Hallefuckinglujah bitches! We are saved!

Let me put this in perspective. We are going to be at the very least, 4.2 trillion short in projected revenues for the last three budget years including this one. That massive 35 billion cut will not even amount to 1% of what we are short in those three years. That 35 billion cut amounts to, hold your breath, 6 days worth of interest on our 14.2 trillion dollar debt. Or about a 3% cut on an annual basis. Or about half the cost of President Obamatrain's latest novel idea. The "poo poo, choo, choo"

Winning the future Obama calls it. Spend our way out of debt! The Obamatrain is rolling, like it or not. He has already rung up 10.5 billion.

You just can't make this shit up. This is real. A nightmare here would be an upgrade.

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rawmuse said...

It is one of those times whereas we aspire to be merely broke..,.