Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drawing a Hard Line

Every once in awhile, I catch some nasty comment from somebody that reads my writing and just feels the urge to let me know. That's ok. That doesn't have anything to do with me. They've taken something personally and they have an ax to grind. I get that. That type of lunacy is ok. I used to practice it myself.

So how do you know, when it's appropriate to draw a hard line? When does the right moment arrive?

The first thing I try to be responsible for what I say. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I do that only if it is responsible and I have thoroughly contemplated the other side of an issue. I am a member of a giant family...all of you. I am not interested in blowing smoke up someone's ass because I like pissing people off. I don't write for that effect. I would quit if I did. I also do not write because I think I am more intelligent than anyone. I'm not. Intelligence comes in at least 9 different types. Intelligence is the capacity to continually learn. That capacity may enlarge in some and dwindle in others. I do not write because I feel some overwhelming urge to voice my opinion and state it as a matter of fact. If you think the 14.2 trillion dollar debt is an opinion, that's up to you. If you think that the banking cabal in this country is innocent and harmless, despite thousands of provable facts to the contrary- that's up to you.

I write because I used to be in the dark. I didn't pay attention. Like many of you- I had a shitload of things to get done every day. Problems.  I didn't pay attention. And while I wasn't paying attention, along with 300 million other people, the bankers in this country pulled the greatest heist in the history of the world. 

And I realized that at that moment...I was part of the problem. That the people we entrusted to run this country saw that we were distracted. That's my role in this. Each one of us let these pillagers do this. And if all I ever manage to do is light one spark in someone like me, it's worth it.

I don't draw a hard line everywhere. I love people and diversity. I support unity among us, not isolation and partisan camps. I can't stand the left, and I don't like the right. Both of them use us like two crack addicted parents spinning yarns and stealing our money for their bullshit agendas, cronies, personal gain and greed habits. They don't give two shits about this country but they will tell you that they do. Pay attention to what they ACTUALLY do- and ignore that which they say. You'll find the answer. The vast majority of politicians do not fit any definition I use for selfless public servants.

Patriots and public servants draw a hard line. We will die for this country. And I am not prepared to let these leeches masquerading as "public servants" hijack this place, left or right. If those cowards can't serve the public then get the fuck out and let someone with some balls and and a spine hack that Federal Budget down to size now. We do not have the luxury of time, mindless rhetoric, or unlimited vacations.

I am part of the village. I watch and I report. I write. I do that because we need unity and strength. If we ever achieve our potential, a giant powerful village that storms DC and boots every one of their asses out of office and shit cans that thieving FEDERAL RESERVE BANK- then I will gladly quit writing. Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Franklin and a lot of other dead patriots would smile. It's a Republic but only if you can keep it.

I simply cannot apologize for that. I am unwilling to let any of my nanny government friends, or those frail insecure types, diminish my efforts. I recognize their ilk. They are why we are here. Frozen in the headlights, scared, afraid to take a stand. Cowards. In 25 years of law enforcement- I very rarely gave ground in the field and if I did, I re-took it later. I don't apologize for taking an oath and for trying my hardest to uphold it. I didn't get wealthy and I sure as shit didn't do it for "power." I did it because it was the right thing to do. And there ain't a one of my former colleagues that would disagree and they stop by here. This government is not the solution. They do not have a solution because they are the problem. And anyone that can't read that resume' after the last 40 or 50 years should not be electing anybody.

That's my hard line. I am ok with that and I hope you are too. If I have offended anybody you are free to go seek counseling or resolve your internal conflicts somewhere else. Prioritize your emotional motives. Are you interested in being part of a solution or would you just as soon let government, a thugocracy- have all of your freedom, your wealth, and hand your kids and grand kids a debt they can never pay? Please decide soon. Because that moment I spoke here.


Anonymous said...

I hope your not feeling alone on your side of the line. I have to believe that there are more with us than we think. Believing that is the only thing that keeps me going. Keep the faith, my friend.

Brian said...

There is Jim.

I just get tired of listening to the fear driven insecure types that somehow feel better if they can diminish you. Or if they can control you- or silence you. I can't help those folks. When they speak it's like a neon sign lights up over their heads that says "coward."

They dealt with those same mentalities in the 1700's. Shame the the fathers didn't send their chicken shit DNA back to England and eliminate it from our gene pool.

Still writing. Still hoping. Thanks.