Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Obama Cheerleaders, Math Challenged Moonbats Still Writing Garbage

I'd like to invite you to read this drivel. This is Mainstream Media News. Jacob Lew says that Obama's budget cuts are "tough calls." Mr. Lew, here's some advice from Idaho. Quit kissing your bosses' ass and waxing poetic to the press. You are a math challenged moron. Blow smoke up somebody else's ass.

Let's start with the basics. A thousand million is a billion. A thousand billion is a trillion. So when you propose cuts that don't even amount to 1/2 or even 1/3rd of one year's tax shortfall, you are not making "tough" decisions. You are not doing shit. You are pissing in the ocean.

We have lost 5 TRILLION in annual tax revenue over the past 3 years. Woefully short of fantasy projections.

When this bunch of government buffoons starts talking about trillion dollar cuts, eliminating thousands of useless government employees from the Post Office to the Dept. of Education perhaps then I might call those decisions "tough."

They even talk about million dollar cuts in this article. Geezus. Next thing you know they'll tell us they eliminated the hot lunch program at the Pentagon. Raised the price of Fig Newtons in the honor box. 

Main Stream Media. Quit patting Obama, Democrats, and RINO conservatives on the back for doing nothing. It's patronizing. Like we are supposed to jump for joy when our daughter returns our zero balance credit card after a day of shopping and cheerfully announces... "I didn't max it out, Dad! There's still a hundred bucks on it." Beautiful. Let me stick this gold star on your forehead, honey.


conservativesonfire said...

I just read this article by Gonzalo Lira and thought it might interest you. Take a look:


Brian said...

I read GL's piece. I agree with one exception. Inflation will nor rise that fast and furious. They have a beautiful whole card.

Just dump all that foreclosed inventory at once. It is in the hands of the TBTF member banks. The 42% weighting given to houses will tank the CPI as supply increases. It will work for awhile until it doesn't. Lira will hit his targets perhaps...but further on down the road because these bastards are prepared to do anything to prop this mess up. Never underestimate their willingness to mislead. Thanks J.