Monday, February 7, 2011

Has CNN Cornered the Market On Delusional Writers?

I offer up this example.

C'mon, people the recession is over. (By the way, quit calling this depression a recession- I am getting tired of hearing that garbage.) Forget all of your lost equity, lost homes, and five hundred something credit ratings. Forget about those lost jobs, your new 12 buck an hour job, rising health care and food costs- and taxes. Please buy some of our over priced and worthless stufff.

CNN is dangerously close to receiving my weekly award for shittiest writing of the week. Probably going to read the imbecile Krugman, some other libtard shit, but right now- CNN getting a heavy lean.


Anonymous said...

What the hell are you complaining about? At least you have options. CNN International is the only English language news I have access to down here in the land of Oz. Suck it up, my friend. LOL

richard said...

What about the Bernake speech last friday, "we have low to no inflation". Based on what parameters? At least he mentioned, these prices didn't include, gas, food and energy prices! What the ## did it include? Thats why his printing presses are running 24/7. What planet does he live on? Guess its better to bury your head in the sand, easy to say everything is ok.

Brian said...

DrHousingBubble's blog, wrote a piece on this a few days ago. That the CPI is a basket of items used to measure inflation and that it is used to back up the Bernank's thought processes.

A full forty two percent of the consumer price index is weighted in housing costs. With a housing market in steady decline and still searching for a bottom...the overall index remains low.

Imagine the precise moment when housing prices finally bottom, when all of the buyers come off the fence, and the Bernank is still shoveling fuel on the fire. That intersection will be known as the critical mass moment of hyperinflation as measured by the CPI. Coming to a theater near us soon, I think.

So that is why the Bernank says that shit. He points to the CPI and says, "ok, where is the inflation?" When the SHTF he will have to jack up rates astronomically, thus that 14.2 trillion in debt we have to refinance continually will go parabolic with higher rates.

There is only one cure. Slash and burn all government expenditures. Pay off that debt immediately. There is no other solution. That is why I am on here writing Richard. There is a solution but the pussies running this country don't have the guts to take it on.