Wednesday, February 9, 2011

English As A Third Language

Hat tip to Dutch!

So I was checking my in box today and saw this. A million and a half dollar granted funded by who else?
- The Department of Education and you.

The grant would help teach students arabic. The "language of the future." Now residents of the United States who did not want to risk being marginalized by the sensitive left- could learn Spanish, Arabic, maybe even some English.

Thankfully, the measure looks to be dead on arrival. Thank gawd they tried it in Texas. However, the article states the same grant has been awarded in four other places. In Moonbat Valley there would have been passionate pleas by the statists. They would have found a way to grab the dough. It's all largesse to them. The "language of the future." Not in my lifetime and I damn sure hope not in yours.


davecydell said...

Question FG:

When you buy silver bars do you prefer certain manufacturers?

Dave said...

We cant pay our bills but we can spend money on teaching arabic. I had some witty and acerbic comments but at this point I can't see straight so I'll just pass.

Brian said...

davec..not really. I tend to buy the 10 oz bars usually two at a time on dips. The PM dealers only charge .95/or 9.50 over spot. In Idaho, lot of Sunshine mining pieces. Got A Mark, credit suisse, pamps. Just be sure that it says...999 fine. Don't like buying oddball pieces with that not engraved. Gold to four or 5 9s purity. Expecting a dip this week into weekend. Trying to buy under 30. If some miracle occurs and my philosophy changes I will certainly post it. I can do a 180 just as quick as the facts change...

Dave...these fucking people think this is all going away or they are just gonna ignore that debt. I am not kidding. It's like nothing happened. Read some piece the other day on a public school that cost 300 million in Ca. How it was state of the art and made the community feel "special." No shit.