Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Occam's Razor

Back by popular demand. I call this tune- Banker Inferno. I think that's the Bernank on lead vocals singing about QE XXVII.

At what point in this DEPRESSION is this country going to wake up and realize who the enemy is? Geezus- I feel like... whatshisname in the Matrix. Neo. Fighting bankers in black suits. Losing.

Let me explain something by way of Occam's Razor. I had heard this term many years ago and saw it today in some comments I was reading. Here is the definition we will be working with. That is, the Razor is a principle that suggests we should tend towards simpler theories until we can trade some simplicity for increased explanatory power. That power usually comes by the way of an archaic term we once called an "investigation." That relic may have been lost. To utilize the Razor, we must ask ourselves simple questions.

Ok, here's how this works. We are looking for a " simple theory."

1. Who controls the quantity of money? Answer- the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.
2. What happens when the FED floods the market place with money? Answer- Lending standards deteriorate. Bubbles develop and burst. Depressions are called recessions.
3. Who makes shitty loans with all that excess money? Answer-Banks.
4. Who stood to profit from all of those shitty loans? Answer- Banks.
5. Who resold all those loans knowing they were shitty? Answer-Banks.
6. Who lied about all those shitty loans when reselling them? Answer-Banks and Co-conspiring rating agencies.
7. Who shorted mortgage insurers knowing those loans sucked and would fail? Answer- Banks
8. Who got bailed out? Answer-Banks. Who bailed them out? Answer-A Banker.
9. Who donates the most money to politicians? Answer-Banks.
10. Who is reporting "record profits" and "bonuses." Answer- Banks.
11. Who is now flooding the market with non existent money/creating inflation? Answer- A Banker.
12. Who committed literally millions of fraudulent acts and continues to do so? Answer- Bankers.
13. Who are the FED's members? Answer- Too Big To Fail Banks.
14. Who has a 188 trillion dollar derivative exposure? Answer- Banks.
15. Who is buying stock in the stock market? Answer- Banks.
16. Who has been able to avoid even one single criminal prosecution? Answer- Bankers.
17. Who paid Angelo Mozilo's fines? Answer- Bankers.
18. Who has their own cozy accounting rules to avoid disclosing losses? Answer- Bankers.
19. Who was able to keep enormous profits but socialize losses to taxpayers? Answer- Bankers
20. Who runs this fucking country? Answer- (It ain't anybody you elected)

The casual reader might note a common thread. That's my Occam's Razor view of the causality of this continuing mess and cover up. Facilitated by fraud and ratings agencies on the front end, politicians admirably managing the cover up- still taking campaign contributions on the back end. Don't forget this when the redux comes this year. All good movies have a sequel.

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Anonymous said...

Relax Neo, I am Trinity!!!

Did you get wind of the "Peak Oil" announcement from the Saudi's today?

Depression to the 3rd power if gas prices spike...

(Pan to clip of "shit hitting fan")

Hey, this isn't a "Family Guy" episode..Or is it?