Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ron Paul (David) Gets First Run On the Bernank (Goliath) Updated

*Damn. Came home from the dentist only to find no blood on TV. Paul and the Bernank are not even in the same room. My day is ruined. 

The world will be watching today's House testimony with Bernank. I hope Ron Paul calls him a liar. Let there be blood. Action begins at 10:00 EDT.,8599,2047134,00.html

Remember when that liar Bernank said that he wouldn't monetize the debt?

Remember when that liar Bernank said that the FED would not bail out foreign banks? We found out a trillion or so went to overseas banks in that 9 trillion dollar stealth bailout in 2008?

So today you are going to see a rare event. A politician, not a lawyer, who tells the truth. And a polished brainiac from MIT that lies enough to qualify as a lawyer- but isn't. 

I just want you know which is which.

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