Saturday, January 12, 2013

When Civil Disobedience Becomes the Rage Again- The Sunday Collage

I never thought I'd see the day. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that living in a free USA was going to require the use of civil disobedience. But, I suppose it was inevitable.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. The people forget. Those in power always seem to think that history does not apply to them. The last few Presidents. The 112th and 113th Congress.

On Friday, Congress passed a bill giving President Bush and Obama lifetime secret service protection. Interesting, isn't it? One wonders about the timing. Perhaps Obama has finally come to terms with the economic reality of his role and his predecessors' role in bankrupting our country. Planning and implementing secret service protection while he has support now- seems like a good idea before the next crisis when the public comes head hunting.

Obama has already hired 16,000 additional IRS agents and the government has been buying ammunition. They of course deny this and so the facts are in dispute. Stories like these abound right now or this one Now coincidentally- they want OUR guns.

Making school kids wear RFID tracking chips? Obama thinks he can nullify the Bill of Rights, specifically the 2nd amendment, by executive order?

How about circumventing debt ceiling talks entirely? That's what the Dems in Congress want Obama to do.

Obamacare? Shoving health care down our throats? RFID chips in passports? The Patriot Act and spying on Americans? Stealing taxpayer money and giving it to bankers? Ignoring the rule of law? Dropping bombs on kids from drones? Gunwalker, Benghazi, a Congress who can't pass an anti-spending bill.

How bad does this have to get? What will be the flashpoint?

Here is a comment I snitched from Zero Hedge on Thursday.

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If they keep pushing this anti-gun stuff, a lot of people are just going to decide we are in a civil war.  They let the Fed print money to buy up all the housing we live in.  They let the Fed print money to give to their buddies, and devalued everyone elses savings in the process.  They spy on us.  They lie to us.  They claim authority over us no matter where we are.  They tax us endlessly while giving out freebies to people who will vote for them.  They are too incompetent to even figure out how to stop spending money.  They have no respect for the law.  They refuse to prosecute the biggest fraud cases teh planet has ever seen.  Now they think they are going to take away's people's guns?  At the very moment they seem the most insane, corrupt, and incompetent, they are going to try and disarm people.  It isn't going to happen that easy.  They need to be more careful.
For 25 years, I enforced the laws of this land. I was prepared to die for those beliefs and I watched as many did. I want you to understand what I am about to say- because I do not take it lightly.

What makes civil disobedience necessary? An oath to defend the Constitution, that's what.

Essentially, we have a lawless government. Perhaps not intentionally- but this is a group of people who have bankrupted the US treasury via crony capitalism. We are currently at a 103% debt to GDP ratio that by the end of the year will soar to 110%. Historically, countries do not return to economic health from debt beyond those levels.

And the only answer this rogue government ever finds- is more taxes. They are hoping and praying that some Deus Ex Machina miracle will happen- like a trillion dollar coin. The coin is an absolute testament to the insanity of our leaders. It should have been dismissed immediately- rather than floated for a couple of weeks as a solution. There will be no fireworks marking the end of our Republic. It will simply be a slow grind to insolvency marked by hikes in the debt ceiling. We will be spending just south of a 1/2 a trillion a year in interest. Bookmark the following link (I call it Debt for Dummies and I use it often while writing on Huffpo for reference)

We are out of time. We have three alternatives.

1. Do nothing and pray for a miracle.
2. Move to another country.
3. Take action, perhaps civil disobedience. (there are other, lethal actions)

I think you will like both of these quotes, I pasted them together because they seem so appropriate.

Martin Luther King Jr.
“I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Michel Templet
“If you're not going to use your free speech to criticize your own government, then what the hell is the point of having it?”
― Michel Templet

Doing nothing, apathy, is what landed us in this mess. Clearly the citizens' hands off approach toward our government isn't working- but this will continue to be the path of the apathetic, cowardly, and uninformed.

Moving to another country might be a solution- but it will not absolve you of your tax liabilities. The US government taxes all citizens, living abroad or not. You can renounce your citizenship. It appears a couple thousand people a year are doing that but I suspect most just leave and get visas. Renouncing your citizenship might allow you to escape taxes. If you are a retired military employee- you will lose your retirement if you renounce your citizenship. Here's some places where you can live well for 1500 a mo.

So if you don't want to continue being an over taxed sheep (1) or you don't want to be a resident of St Kitts(2)- that leaves option (3)- civil disobedience.

The only relationship any citizen of the US has with our government- is the one wherein the government is relying on you to give them your money. They do this via threats of force and imprisonment. Under normal circumstances, taking minimal amounts of money is normal and reasonable. Taxes are necessary. I have no complaint with my state (Idaho's) taxing structure. They balance their budgets and they do not over spend.

It is the Federal kleptocracy that I have a problem with.

For years government has labeled people who refuse to pay taxes- criminals, tax evaders. They want to dissuade sheep people from refusing to pay their taxes. They even pay rewards for people who snitch on each other. This is a desperate government. If they taxed fairly, there would be no need for snitches.

Here are some of the ridiculous tax rates of our crony capitalist system. Congress creates our tax code.

In one month, the charlatans who are running this country, Congress- are going to have another dog and pony show similar to the one that accomplished nothing in the summer of 2011. Remember that super committee nonsense? They are going to raise the debt ceiling again because they have to. They have no choice. They will come up with another form of gadgetry, not unlike the super committee, which will be sold as something new to the sheep. At some future point- that gadgetry will be discarded and abandoned just like the gadgetry of the super committee. The debt ceiling will be raised again if not abandoned entirely.

Or we can stop this madness now. Quit paying federal taxes. Take their unlimited credit card away until such time that they can behave like normal, rational people who produce budgets and adhere to them. Eliminating the FED would force government to go to citizens directly for money. Can you imagine having a say in how- your money was spent? That level of participation and freedom has not been available for 100 years in this country. The Federal Reserve Bank is the single most destructive force in America today. It allows the elected to escape the scrutiny of the the people. It is the ultimate loan shark. The Fed counterfeits and dilutes. It lies. It has ruined America.

Not in my wildest dreams, would I have ever said, that the time for civil disobedience is here. It is. Civil disobedience in the form of refusing to pay federal taxes. It may be the only method by which we can hope to force Congressional compliance with the debt issue. There is no magic coin, there is no Deus Ex Machina ending, there are no miracles. We have become debt slaves and we cannot escape by allowing a body of cowards to continue to mismanage the finances of this country.

This is not 1946. We lack the capacity, taxing power, and the jobs to come roaring back. We are swimming in a sea of debt with 70 years of inflation rot. Soaring health care costs with welfare and subsidy programs that were unheard of back in 1946.

The time for a tax revolt is now. There is no viable alternative. Interest slows for no man. A full 110% debt to GDP ration in 11 months awaits us.

Oddly, I don't expect much in terms of organized and deliberate civil disobedience. The citizens of the U.S. are apathetic, lazy, and uninvolved in their country. They are fearful. So were the citizens of America in 1774. Things went a little bit beyond civil disobedience back then. Maybe war can be averted but I doubt it. People always seem to forget.

I'm betting history repeats itself.


Anonymous said...

Why pay taxes, any taxes, at all? Since the powers-that-be can print all they want out of thin air, why shouldn't they print a bit more and leave us alone?

Anonymous said...

Ain't going to happen, Brian. People are not hurting enough yet. Maybe some day, but not now.

Brian said...

You want to hear the good part? Mathematically speaking, if people do not act now- it's over. There is about 250 billion in delinquent student loan debt, the Obama tax, a 50 billion dollar SS deficit, medicare deficits, fannie and freddie deficits, all widening in 2014. By the time, people fig this will be over.

Anonymous said...

And the sheeple continue to bleat (sheep that they are): "Obaaama, Obaaama, save us, Obaaama."

Change you can believe in, baby, because that's all that will remain in your pocket (pocket change) when Daddy O is done fleecing you.

Pakkinpoppa said...

Don't pay taxes...they'll just mint the trillion dollar coin regardless of whether we hit our head on the debt ceiling...we're still going over the real fiscal cliff.

There's no way out of this mess except...Asia, led by the Chinese, are going to make a big move to get rid of the dollar as global reserve currency. That's my bet, anyways. My guess is sooner than later, perhaps when the "debt ceiling" gets reached? Its only a matter of time.