Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mystic River and the Powder Alarm- The Sunday Collage

I think you are going to enjoy today's piece. 

Before I posted this, I took a poll among my friends yesterday. The results of that poll were 0-6. Nobody had ever heard of the "powder alarm" and the events of 1774. What is even more interesting is how I came to know about it. It didn't happen in a classroom. Well, now that I think about it, maybe it did.

The powder alarm had to do with King George III's efforts to suppress United States colonial activities before we peasants- became too unruly. It was the first attempt at gun control in the United States. Before we were the United States.

For some odd reason, hardly anyone knows about the powder alarm. Maybe, our government educators didn't think it was important.

It is interesting what is selected and taught to us in school. It's difficult to deny that you are only taught what your government controlled educators want to teach you. What better method of indoctrination is there than  controlling the material and dialogue you teach to impressionable young minds? I can think of one silly video I remember to this very day. It was called "reefer madness." In that video, the producers tried to convince students that if we smoked pot or used other drugs we would jump off of buildings. Today, it is widely recognized as propaganda.

Trying to scare people by lying to them- is not exactly a road map for success. In fact, it backfires.

Somewhere, somehow, I began to develop critical thinking skills. I began to suspect that my government controlled education might be more than just random chance. It dawned on me, that it might be quite possible, to teach people only what you want them to know- for the good of the state. Who approves classroom curricula and text books? Some government educated sap, that's who.

This is especially true of history. It is told by the winners and oppressors. Today media practices the same methods. They protect their masters. Media broadcasts half truths and omits inconvenient truths. They tell only that side of the news that advances their agenda. Why is it so far fetched to think that your government controlled educators- don't do the same thing?

Could it be possible that this is the reason why our students don't know anything about the Federal Reserve, the origins of the central bank or who owns it? They know nothing about a currency system which is based entirely on expanding debt and fleecing the minions. By the way, if you don't know who or what a minion is- you are one.

I think Einstein said it best. If you know what compounding interest is, you charge it. If you don't know what compounding interest is- you pay it.

But today's rant isn't about the Federal Reserve. Today's topic is about the powder alarm of 1774. You may not know about the "powder alarm" because our schools don't teach it. Oh sure, they'll tell you about tax revolts and the Boston Tea party and you might even recall some of that. The part they leave out of those texts- is the gun control part. You see back in 1774, the King was broke and he had every intention of taxing the hell out of us. (Not unlike our government masters today) There was a problem with that plan though. Our population was armed and we weren't about to turn our money over to a thieving Monarch who couldn't manage his budget. So it was, that we had superior numbers and a lot of firearms. But we needed gunpowder. So the King's men floated down Mystic River and stole some gunpowder. That action tipped the King's hand. That was the provocation the colonists needed. 

In the end, it didn't work out too well for King George III.

Now I might never have heard of the "powder alarm" had it not been told to me by someone who had been educated at home, outside the mainstream channels, rather than the usual government instructors. Had I not listened and noted it, I would not have been able to pass the significance of this story on. Nobody listens to this guy because he doesn't have a government education. People do not find him "credible." Fortunately, I do not number among them.

Today in this country, the liberal left controls the agenda and they control the dialogue. As the shooting fatalities mount, the predictable and knee jerk reaction is always the same. Gun control. It is at a fever pitch. I have never seen it worse than it is now. Government it seems- has found itself a new agenda.
But King George III tipped government's hand long ago.

The Powder House

The people who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Fortunately, a few of us escape.

The reason the 2nd Amendment exists is simple. It wasn't placed there so that we could all go out and shoot a deer every year or trap shoot down at the club. The framers did not place it in the Bill of Rights to ensure that future psychopaths could access handguns and kill people. The second amendment is there because of one reason only- to ensure that never again would free men in this country be subject to the tyranny of a King or a government that enslaves it's people. The right to bear arms exists so that free men could put up a fight or take back their country if need be. That had been the history up until that point and still is. History is about to give us another encore performance.

The framers knew that. As it turns out, I don't think their concerns were too far fetched.

Looking back, I can't help but think that government taught me only what it wanted to teach me. Half truths, a Gulf of Tonkin here, I didn't inhale there. Government wants me to believe that it is this benevolent dictator- with only my pure interests at heart. I know this is not true. This indoctrination occurs at schools and college campuses everywhere from coast to coast. Thankfully, it does not occur among the home schooled to the extent government does not control that curricula. There are many people who believe that government is the answer to everything. One day, we may be arguing that point at the end of a gun barrel.

The battle lines are being drawn. I shall leave you today with a cluster bomb of quotes. All of them prescient, all of them by men far more intelligent than the "leaders" we produce today. Proof positive that the framers knew- how all of this might turn out.


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"He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future." (from 1984, by George Orwell)