Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Aren't Killing the Right People

I am simply not interested in trading insults with the statists on Huffington Post, usually.

I've been making exceptions lately. Generally, I don't expect any level of genius or well thought out argument to win the day with people fairly accomplished at practicing the art of contempt prior to investigation. What can you possibly teach a group of people who made their minds up long ago? They support killing.

They simply object to the methods. Let me illustrate this for you.

We disagree on a fundamental point. The libs want to get rid of guns. I want to get rid of killing.

It is not the basis of a strong argument to say, "We are against killing people with guns- instead- we prefer to do our killing in abortion clinics." Because you see- that is our right.

So I become confused.

So then I think, "Well maybe the problem is.. that we are simply not killing the right people." Maybe the liberals aren't opposed so much to killing as to who and how we do it. Maybe if we get their approval first- we can then at least agree on who and how we kill people.

It's ok to kill the unborn in clinics, it's ok to drop bombs on kids in Pakistan, it's ok to let our men die in Benghazi... but somehow the liberal community feels offended when a mentally ill psychopath takes a gun to our children.

Just what kind of killing is it that we tolerate- and what is it that we don't tolerate? Must I ask a liberal first? How are the rest of us supposed to know?

The statist response to deranged people with guns is always the same, old, predictable one. Let's outlaw the symptoms. Forget the patient. Somewhere down the road, the new psychopath will then run into the school and slash the throats of your kids or blow them up with a bomb. Or make guns on his own. I got a news flash for you people. There are machinists and gunsmiths out here- who make their own guns.

Many statists employ that same misguided thought process that Steve Martin uses in "The Jerk." Here's how it works.

So maybe, it's really just the methods that the statists object to. Maybe in some clinical environment with surgical tools, killing is ok. Maybe dropping bombs on some kid in the middle east is ok, or letting some would be heroes, retired navy seals and a diplomat or two get killed over a 7 hour period while the cabinet watches via a drone. Maybe that's ok, too. I mean, they knew the risks, didn't they? Maybe that's what we do- we rationalize.

We rationalize that unborn fetuses aren't really people. We rationalize that unknown Pakistani kids aren't people we know thankfully- and unfortunately they are simply the victims of "bad luck." Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Diplomats and good samaritans- have nobody but themselves to blame. Normal acting folks would have gotten the hell out of there. Saved their own skins. So in some odd sense- the left rationalizes that all away.

But unarmed 8 year olds? That's pretty hard to rationalize isn't it? We can't find an excuse for that kind of behavior. Killing non fetuses- kids with actual names and faces. Toddlers and children who we must come face to face with. The faces of their parents, the faces of great anguish and sorrow. It pulls at us because we know we can't rationalize it away. We can't find a way to let it go. We gotta aim for the easiest thing to blame. Guns.

That's why they tolerate all of that other killing. Because tools, bombs, and guns in the hands of foreign terrorists don't have anything to do with the real agenda. Let's get those guns from those Bible thumping, pro-life, God fearing hicks. We won. They didn't.

I actually had a liberal friend of mine admonish me at great length one time for spending a lifetime carrying a gun. When a state trooper friend of mine was shot and paralyzed, my liberal friend said "What did he expect?"

That's when you know it's time to get out of the business. Dying in some gutter for the likes of her, somehow, didn't seem too appealing to me anymore.

We have a problem or two in this country. We live these unexamined lives. We examine other peoples' conduct while never looking at our own. We always think that somehow we are fine- it's those other people that act stupid. We judge others on their actions, we judge ourselves on our intentions. In addition to leading these unconscious and unexamined lives of untruthfulness- we have a spiritual problem. We don't know how to live correctly. We haven't figured out that it's not ok to kill people anywhere, anytime. What's worse is that we see no reason to stop, and we see no need to set an example. Our leaders like killing people- clearly they do- because they keep doing it. We are like the boss who tells his employees not to put their feet up on the desk- while his feet are up on the desk.

You can't just run around the world, here or there, killing people indiscriminately and then shout from the roof tops about how you are morally superior. America it seems, is not so credible.

We have lost our way and from what I've been able to discern thus far, I wouldn't bet the farm on us finding our way out of here anytime soon. Now if you'll excuse me- I got some brainiacs over at Huffpo I gotta take care of.


Anonymous said...

And now we have found a new killing ground; all of North Africa from Mali to Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is peculiar how liberals rationalize the killing of the unborn, but will do everything in their power to prevent some murderous psychopath from getting what's coming to him. Hell, if Adam Lanza had survived his murderous rampage, liberals everywhere would be tripping over themselves to comfort and console him while sticking the rest of society with the blame for having "failed the poor kid." And how about this "right to die" bullshit being spouted by liberals? What today is being debated as a "right" will undoubtedly morph into an "obligation" at some future date. How better to dispose of those who are a burden to society or who don't mesh with the political flavor of the day? Liberalism: the progressive man's way of saying "societal suicide."