Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Obama's Mouth Writes a Check That His Ass Can't Cash

Ya know, I have had about all of the Obama rhetoric I can stomach.

The most divisive leader in my life is about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Obama thinks he can  simply issue an executive order and ban guns.

The greatest fools in the world are those who run their mouths and make ridiculous promises, painting themselves into a corner.

Remember, this is the guy at the top of the Gunwalker scandal and Benghazi. The same guy dropping bombs from drones onto childrens' heads.

Go ahead Obama, write your executive order- I dare ya. Molon labe.


Pakkinpoppa said...

I sincerely doubt he "bans" guns...but you never know.
But adding a requirement for, say, 300,000 in liability insurance for guns, maybe each one, would be similar to the "tax" imposed in 1934 of $200 for certain items, may be one way to price it way out of the reach of the "unwashed."

MJ said...

Right, ban guns. That should get them out of the hands of the bad guys since bad guys obey laws (they always have and they always will). I feel safer already just thinking about a gun ban. Obama, you are my personal savior, honest to God you are.... greater than JFK, MLK and Jesus Christ all rolled into one. How did I ever live before you came along?