To Whom This May Concern;

I no longer have any delusions about whether or not any of you understand
what selfless public service is. That was the type of public service that
our founders envisioned and practiced.

They didn't become engaged in public service to lie, cheat, and enrich
themselves via public coffers. They didn't pay off bankers or crony
capitalists by diverting money that was entrusted to them and that never
belonged to them.

Each of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

The people of this country know we are bankrupt. We also know that you
folks know that as well. Quit treating the American public like idiots. We
know who's greasing who.

I keep thinking that some of you will attempt to do the right thing- to
engage in campaign reform, term limits, or at least attempt to do
something on behalf of the American taxpaying public. Like maybe enforcing
the rule of law on thousands of bankers who committed control fraud and
bankrupted this country. But you don't.

You are cowards. You lack courage and strength of character. You are not
worthy to call yourself Americans. You have become greedy little parasites
who can't tell right from wrong. This will all end badly and rest assured-
that it was your job to fix it and you failed.

I only pray that history remembers each and every one of you.