Friday, January 11, 2013

The Last Stand*Forcing Congress To Act

It should never have- come down to this.

I've been working all week on the "Sunday Collage" which is about the importance of civil disobedience.

Great courage created this country and only great courage will save it. We have become a nation of cowards, of sheep, and the sad reality that we probably don't deserve what we have. For those of you who believe "life ain't fair", I couldn't agree with you more.

If the cowards got what they deserved- they wouldn't live here as free men.

So today, I was working on the Sunday Collage when something Craig T. Nelson said once suddenly came back to me. At the end of this piece, I am going to embed the clip. There are two things wrong with the clip. The liberals will hate it because Nelson was on Glen Beck's show. The other problem with the clip- is that Nelson kind of goes to pieces and loses his train of thought as he is trying to explain why he doesn't want to pay taxes anymore. I think the gravity of what he was saying on national television was actually causing him to pause, stutter, and re-consider what he was saying as he was saying it. He rambles around. I think the gist of what he was saying is obvious though. I am not sure how old the clip is now- maybe a few years.

Craig Nelson showed courage. Unfortunately- he could only say what he needed to on GOP time. That was a shame.

In a month or so, your Congress- filled to the brim with thieves and charlatans- are going to have the same debate they had in the middle of 2011. The charlatans are not stupid. They know they have economically ruined this country. So the game now- is trying to convince the minions that there is nothing wrong. They don't want you to know that we are completely bankrupt and insolvent. Congress is going to play their game in February and the vast majority of math challenged people in this country are going to go about their lives like nothing has happened. Those people- are the people who just don't care. The apathetic crowd. And often, they will tell you that with pride.

The cowards, or people who actually do know that we are about to economically implode, won't do anything either. They cower in fear at a government that will lock them up. Being a debt slave- is a better life than being locked up. That's how the cowards think.

The apathetic and the cowards always have one thing in common. Extreme self centeredness. As long as they get what they want- they don't care so much about anyone else. My generation, the boomers, bring self centeredness to a whole new, lofty, level. We are professionals.

If you want to force the charlatans of Congress to act on behalf of the American people- we have to take a stand NOW. What that means PRECISELY is that we have to quit paying federal taxes, en masse. Or sign a petition with a few million signatures on it stating our intentions. The only way to get Congress' attention is to take their credit card away. The United States pledges your work product in the form of taxes- to the countries who buy and hold our debt. That is their only collateral. A signature loan. By refusing to pay taxes, you are sending the message that you are no longer willing to fund this insanity. The party is over. There isn't going to be another 2.4 trillion added to the credit card. Countries with no jobs and debt to GDP ratio of at least 110% do not come back. This shit has to stop now.

Of course it will take courage. I will still pay my state taxes because state government actually behaves responsibly and produces a budget.

That is our only way out. The only power we have left. I don't really expect anything to come of this. The truth is, I haven't been expecting much out of anybody in this country for a long time.

And unfortunately, they haven't surprised me. Here's the Nelson clip.

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