Thursday, April 5, 2012

Frankenstein Government, Off Meds, Warring With Moonbats on Huffpo*Updated

Normally, I just don't read Huffington Post. I can't stand the idiots who lurk there. Mostly statists, moonbats, atheists, and flaming liberals.

However, nothing pisses me off more than Obama's war with Arizona. Whether Obama and Holder are getting ICE agents killed in a covered up Fast and Furious scandal, ignoring immigration laws and suing Arizona for passing state laws- it just doesn't matter. Color has nothing to do with it. Obama is not a good guy. Period.

I know who the villians are. Hint- it ain't Arizona.

So I get a little peeved when Obama and the bullies start the ridiculing Alinsky tactics now that Sheriff Arpaio is looking into Obama's murky past. Those missing and doctored documents. Just where is that selective service draft registration card? I too, would like to see that.

So here's the latest. And the comment thread.

I should try to teach pigs to sing instead.

*Update. I have at least seven nasty replies in my email inbox. The statist minions are active today. The only way to deal with caged animals is to become a sniper. Take a shot and and get out. Delete every comment.

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Anonymous said...

Obama wasn't able to hide the fact that he is not a "natural born citizen" as required by the constitution to be President. Why he was allowed to be president i will never understand. Now the Republicans are likely to name Marco Rubio as Romney's running mate. Rubio, also, is not a natural born citizen. The constitution has become irrelevant.