Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alone at the Moonbat Barbecue

Every year I  attend this giant barbecue. There are singers, raffles, auctions, that sort of thing. One of those all day fund raisers. Yesterday was the day.

This year I found myself in a very precarious position. I was surrounded by uninformed and politically uninterested people. I also had a few moonbats, all women of course, munching away and yakking.  I always do forward intelligence with the people I am forced to associate with. This includes looking at their cars. You see, very often moonbats must make political statements. Armed with just enough information to get themselves in trouble they stick bumper stickers on their cars. "Blue Woman Red State" is popular here. Obama '08. A couple other popular stickers are "Co-exist" or "Save Earth or Gaia" anything like that.

I saw all of those stickers yesterday because I am a nice guy. I carry lawn chairs and coolers for these women from their cars and back again.

Moonbats think they know what's right. They are so completely ego-identified with the Obama Marxists democratic party that they have no problem telling everyone else how they should live their lives. They think they know everything.

I am a Libertarian. Unlike the moonbats, I do know everything. I can name virtually 2/3rds of all House and Senate members and where they are from, I know who the RINO's, DINO's or blue dogs are, I follow President Fuck Off's schedule every week, and I know a lot about our fiat economy. However, a key component of the Libertarian Party is letting people live their lives free from interference. That includes interference from me. Libertarians are always the minority. Everywhere we go. That is just more incentive to keep your mouth shut. Because if an argument breaks out, I am going to win but I will end up pissing off a lot of people in the process. My ego just doesn't need the angst anymore. Back to the picnic...

We have an annual raft race each year which is a lot of fun, but our group has no raft. However, I know that another group has some leftover styrofoam that our group could use to build a raft quickly as the race is less than 6 weeks away. So as the conversation turns to the raft, I offer up the styrofoam information. This is quickly shot down by our group activities' boss because she says, she wants to build a "green raft." I was left silent, trying to wrap my head around what a "green raft" is made out of or what it looks like. I was smart enough not to ask what she had in mind. She offered no alternative.  I suppose a "green raft" would be built out of cow manure, dead branches, and plant material. We could then use it in a compost pile after we were done losing the race. Anyway I dodged that bullet. Clearly, I deduced, she was a moonbat. I was proud of myself for keeping my mouth shut.

One facet of all moonbats is that they think everything should be regulated by the state except killing babies ala abortion. That is acceptable. Fetuses are non human. I have a dear friend who hates moonbats to the extent that he says thank gawd they believe in abortion- imagine how many more moonbats would be running around and voting if abortion was illegal. Hard to argue with that piece of logic.

So after the raft talk petered out, helmet laws became the topic. I hate helmet laws. Not because helmets aren't a good idea, but because I want the choice to wear one or not. Really. If I am going down to the corner store which is 6 blocks away- I don't need the state dictating whether I wear one or not. In fact, I absolutely cannot see where they have any standing in the matter. My bike, my road (taxes), my skull, my insurance. (force placed by law) I am trying to figure out just how the state thinks that any of this is any of their fucking business. Not that common sense has ever had anything to do with government over reach or moonbat belief systems.

Pretty soon one of the moonbats pipes up and states that she wears a helmet while skiing. I can feel the emotion welling up in me. I know what's coming. I try to stay quiet. Then it happens. Another moonbat says, "Brian, you should wear a helmet on your motorcycle."

I hardly know these people. They aren't telling me this because they are concerned about me. This is about ego. The moonbats have already decided what is right and what I need to do. Then I let them have it. I asked them if they wear helmets when they drive their cars. We don't have to, they replied. And I say... why not? We lose tens of thousands of motorists every year to head trauma after auto crashes. You wear helmets skiing and on your bicycles and there is no law- yet. (Moonbat Seattle and the left coast are busy passing bicycle helmet laws.) So when you moonbats all decide to wear helmets when you drive your cars and set the example, I will follow. Moonbats don't use logic much and very often it hurts their feelings when someone else does. I continued..."You know what really pisses me off about the whole helmet thing?" Moonbats preaching to me and telling me how to live my life. If you idiots are having sex and are fearful of falling off the bed and hitting your head, then by all means where a helmet when having sex. But quit telling me how to live my life.

How many people died in automobile crashes last year? About 40,000. Sure, passenger cars and mileage (exposure) dwarf motorcycles yet 40,000 of you are going to die this year driving your cars with seat belts, airbags, etc. Why not wear a helmet? Your chances of survival will increase dramatically. Isn't that the shit you are always telling us motorcyclists?

Can you imagine the government outlawing sex to prevent the spread of AIDS and death? Why haven't they done that? Wouldn't they save hundreds of thousands of people?

I like the idea of living in a free country. A country without the government telling us how to live our lives- regulating and punishing us for acts in which they have no inherent standing and where nobody but ourselves is damaged by our conduct. Are helmets on motorcycles a good idea? Of course. But I want the right to decide whether to wear one or not. I don't want government or the moonbats telling me how to live my life. Truth is, it's none of their fucking business. That's how libertarians think. Crazy huh?

Thankfully, we only have that barbecue once a year. I am now focusing my sights on building that styrofoam raft and winning the big race. Maybe watch some other raft sink to the bottom of the river. I hope they have their helmets on when the "green raft" finds it's watery grave.


Anonymous said...

And you attend this function every year why? I suspect you enjoy smiling to your self and thinking all those nasty thoughts about yor moonbats. I can see that!

Dedicated_Dad said...

I've been involved in the helmet debate for a long time - and the usual moonbat answer is "because when you bust your head like a ripe melon, the rest of us are forced to pay for your veggie-care for the rest of your vegetized life."

The problem is that I cannot argue with that!

Personally, I don't think society should be footing the bill for ANY idiotic personal choices, and I think there's a solution to this one too: DNR -- as in "Do Not Resuscitate!"

Ride without a brain-bucket, crash, and we'll just let you die! - which to be honest I'd prefer to the alternative anyway...

No better example of win-win than this-free the victim from misery, society from the expense, and all riders are free to do as they wish!

Brian said...

here is my argument to the "victim" moonbats who think they are footing my hosptal bill when I crash.

If our fucking medical system hadn't been socialized 40 years ago, the costs would be contained. The moonbats are the ones who give everyone who couldn't afford health care. Thus they are the ones who helped creat the fucking astronomical costs in the first place.

Secondly, my insurance pays for my hospital costs. Nobody is footing the bill except me. What else do you want me to do. Buy a fucking hospital? Ha!...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My Doctor gave me the helmet lecture a few years age when he saw me ride up to my appt on my motorcycle. I just said "Yeah, but it's not illegal in Indiana NOT to wear a helmet, YET!"
And I have a Living Will, my family is instructed to pull the plug if I am a vegetable. End of veggie care argument.

So, moonbats, how does my ass taste!?!

Brian said...

Sweet Lisa, thanks for coming by...