Monday, June 6, 2011

Frankenstein Government Threatens US Taxpayers Over a Few Thousand Dollars, Allows 12 American Corporations To Evade 50 Billion In Taxes

I saw this piece on Plan B Economics. None of these 12 corporations paid any taxes over the last three years although they made 171 billion in profits.

In the meantime, Obama hired an additional 16,000 IRS agents to run around and squeeze every poor working taxpayer out of even more money. A few thousand dollars while billions more are lost.

You simply can't make this shit up.

How did our country and our tax laws get so bad? The system and our officials are morally bankrupt. Our lawmakers, in fact Congress, could change this tomorrow. Congress regulates the tax code. They don't move a muscle, year after year. Why? Because they want it this way- that's why. They and all of their elite cronies benefit from a tax system designed to give the wealthy loopholes and to screw the working class.

How is this going to change? I'm not sure. We lost control long ago. Sometimes when things are stolen from you- you have to steal them back.


rawmuse said...

I hire an accountant because, in spite of my education background (4+ years college) the tax code is such impenetrable doggerel that I can't keep up with ir, or to the annual changes to it. Even the IRS will provide several answers to the same question asked more than once to them. And yet, you have to sign that damn form and attest to its accuracy under penalty of perjury, yes sir. (spits)

davecydell said...

I accept full responsibility for my tax forms.

I just ain't paying.

rawmuse said...

Yeah, but you got a badge and a gun. What have I got? A fucking trombone. OK, some guns too. No badge.