Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hmmm....Let's See....Should I Work On a Plan To Rescue Our Bankrupt Country or Play Golf?

President Screw Off has now played golf 71 times while in office for a total of 355 wasted hours.

That's 355 hours of playing. Just golf.  That doesn't include bike riding, basketball, or vacations.

Aren't you just dying to find out whether or not he has spent 355 hours working on some sort of management plan to extract the U.S. from bankruptcy and return jobs to the U.S.?

The dude still can't break 90 on the golf course. Pathetic but totally predictable and congruent, in line with his other great accomplishments.  

Let's pray our country has the good sense to get rid of Obama. Let him play all of the golf that he wants to- on his own time.


Anonymous said...

You'll proably find playing golf more difficult bu also more rewarding.

davecydell said...

Like Weiner, the Big O has already cashed in. Set for life, a high roller. The sheeple need to elect a replacement. You know, expand the upper class.