Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Japan Becomes World's Biggest Exporter...

The U.S. has become a net importer of something besides oil and flimsy goods made in China. First stop, Seattle.

Tepco, and the Japanese Government should be thanked for minimizing the worst nuclear disaster in the history of man. Wow. Our government saying nothing. Americans are busy reading about some idiot sending lewd photos.

Folks on the left coast should read this. (I am uncomfortably close)


Anonymous said...

I know you just bought a house but maybe it's time to give Belize another look.

Fiat's Fire said...

Short and sweet. And a 100% accurate synopsis. I like it.

The majority of sheeple are experiencing a dry spell in their brains called cognitive dissonance. Tune out of reality, turn in for news on Arnold's love child and Weiner's weiner.

I wanted to post an article I read the other day about a mother in England who gave her 6 year old (SIX YEARS OLD) a "Boob Job" certificate for when she turns 17 for her birthday. Her child was excited to use it. 'nuff said.