Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sarah Palin- Having Your Email Disclosed to the World

I have to tell you. I hate the mainstream media. They have a leftist agenda that never stops. It's like a fucking indoctrination.

Exhibit any right to entertain conservative or libertarian values and we'll show you the door. You are entitled to our leftist view of the world and no other.

So the media went after Sarah Palin. Subpoenaed all of her emails while she was Governor. Thousands and thousands of them. You know what they found??

No smoking gun. No sexual hijinks. Jack shit. Nada. Sarah Palin while not pure- is pretty damn close. Can you imagine what would happen if we asked for Obama's emails? There would be a cry from left coast to left coast. The lefties would scream like the whiny ass brats that they are. I consider their FOI Act request of Sarah Palin's emails a malicious witch hunt.

The media, and the fascist left, should be ashamed of themselves. I'd like to see their email.


Anonymous said...

Brian, sorry but this is off topic. I just read an article at Before It's News that claims that "China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho." When you find time would you read this and let me know by e-mail if it's true and what you think since it is going to be in your backyard? sorry to bother you but i don't like the sound of this.

Here is the link,_Idaho.html

Brian said...

It is true. They are self contained outposts of China. I think I saw it first on the Boise Guardian. You wanna hear the best part? Politicians think it is a great idea! Revenue!

A few years ago Arreva...a French nuclear company approached idea with this BS story of how they wanted to site their enrichment facility at the INEL. Our fucking idiot government bought off on it because Arreva promised a measly 250 jobs. They get all of the profits, return them to France...we get the waste. And oh btw...the tax breaks they got were unheard of. But then again, businesses and government are pretty good at saving their money and picking our pockets...