Monday, June 6, 2011

Death Or Boola Boola

I'd like to frame my position for you. Everything has a season. In fact, inasmuch as we fear death- very often the results of death pave the way for new life to spring forth. We are not required to dread death- really. It's a choice we all make.

All life endures the cycle. There is the planting (spring) phase, the growth (summer) phase, the harvest (fall) phase, and the death (winter) phase. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it doesn't matter whether we like it or not. We can accept it or spend our lives in fear- resisting it.

All things must submit to this cycle. The applications are wide. Relationships, businesses, all life forms, eventually our planet. The cycle becomes distressed when human life tries to interfere with it. Frail, fearful, humans.

Back in 2008, I hoped that every bankrupt bank would be placed into receivership just as the law commands. The life cycle of the banking industry had found winter. It was time for death. There would be spring, new and well capitalized banks would spring forth, better laws and stricter regulations were possibilities. If only any one could have seen that far ahead. Then the greedy bankers and power brokers in both houses went to work. Frail, fearful, humans that wanted to cheat death. They didn't want to take the economic beating that they so richly deserved. They were scared. They found a sympathetic candidate and they elected him. They were spared. Ultimately those chicken shit bankers and politicians believed they were victorious. They're not. In a few years, the system- now hundreds of trillions in debt and headed for winter- will implode.

These ridiculous talks about the debt ceiling make for good theater. A little drama for the clowns in D.C. The debt has already been rung up- the interest meter is running. But I'll be damned if anyone has the courage to stand up and say, "it's over." We are bankrupt. Let's promise to pay the principal, stop the debt meter, and re-organize. Get rid of the FED and get back on the gold standard. The thieving elite and their banker cronies just can't concede yet. They are going to take us all down with them.

You can't cheat death but that sure as hell doesn't stop fearful men from trying. It is always the filthy rich- those who have the most to lose that want to plot an eternal life. All of this reminds me of one of my favorite stories. It is about men, their lack of acceptance, the life cycle, and how our decisions tend to backfire on us.

Three missionaries got lost during a trip to the Amazon jungle. They were captured by a brutal native tribe. The Chief gave each man a choice. "Death or Boola Boola" The first missionary feared death and figured anything was better than death so he chose "Boola Boola." "Boola Boola!" cried the Chief, as he thrust his spear into the air. The tribesmen all lined up and sodomized the poor missionary leaving him brutalized but alive. The second missionary, who also feared death, was a little less enthusiastic than the first missionary. "Boola Boola" he muttered weakly. Once again the Chief thrust his spear into the air and yelled "Boola Boola!" That missionary was left in the the same state as the first one. The third missionary was the proudest of the trio. He was pure and defiant. When the Chief gave him a choice, "Death or Boola Boola" the third missionary straightened up and looked the Chief right in the eye."I choose death" he said. Immediately, the Chief turned to the tribe, thrust his spear in the air, and yelled, "Death by Boola Boola!"

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Anonymous said...

It's not death that should be feared. Dying, however, is worthy of fear. Dying can be quick and painless or it can be slow and agonizing.