Saturday, June 11, 2011

When Idiots Argue Obamacare

Most libertarians and conservatives agree on a vastly diminished government role. That is to say, I want just enough government to take care of my health and safety needs. National defense. The Food and Drug Administration.

What I don't want is a government that buys automakers, makes loans to homeowners and students, and subsidizes businesses like big oil- who are doing just fine without government assistance.

Which leads me to Obamacare.

Compelling citizens to buy health care or purchase any product under threat of law is illegal and unconstitutional. It is unprecedented. There is always one idiot in the room that will make these two arguments.

1. State governments force us to buy motor vehicle liability insurance, don't they?
2. Why should I or society have to pay for your poor lifestyle choices?

Let me answer these two questions.

1. Driving is a privilege. Liability insurance protects us from each other. One of the roles of government is the protection and safety of it's citizens. Liability insurance protects us from each other. However, unlike driving, life is not a privilege. It is a God given right. You have the right to drink water, eat food, breath air. You have the right to choose how to spend your money. You have the right to choose what health care you want or need. You have the right to live and survive. Those are constitutional guarantees. You have that right because we were designed as a country that prized FREEDOM and died for it. And the only thing that has changed in the 240 years since that Constitution was signed (for the sake of this point) is the quality and cost of health care.

2. People make poor decisions. It is not my job to suffer the consequences of their poor decision making. I have no control over what other people eat, smoke, and drink. Government, drug companies, insurance companies, and the health care industry have done a great deal to socialize medicine. The simple truth is- is that health care providers legally steal from the haves through exorbitant billing in an attempt to socialize the health care costs of the have nots. It's not my job to pay the costs of the have nots- whether some third party desperately wants me to believe that- is completely irrelevant to me. Really, it's not my problem. But that sure doesn't stop them from trying to pick my pockets.

I have an 1100 dollar bill for one simple two minute blood test. From the St. Lukes hospital lab. I refuse to pay it. I offered to pay a small premium over a competing lab's price of 210.00. I offered 300.00. Instead, they sent the bill to collection. I begged them to take me to court. They can't. They aren't going to get 1100 and they know it. This ridiculousness and state sanctioned thievery is out of control and nearing an end.

The problem with the whole health care system is that it is over run with abuse and greed. From top to bottom. It needs a vast and complete overhaul. Regulation. And millions upon millions of healthy people are done subsidizing the costs for people that have to have health care. The system is breaking down and will eventually implode as we move to a service economy with crappy wages that can't pay the outrageous demands of health care. The point is- is that the government's solution (Obamacare) is worse than the problem itself.

The next time you hear the statists, or lefties, argue for Obamacare make sure you listen closely. You'll hear one of those two arguments.


Greenleaf said...

Didn't you know in advance the cost of your blood test? If you didn't and you're a self pay-like me-shame on you. If you did and went ahead anyway, than you're a thief and that doesn't sound like you.

My insurance doesn't kick in until I reach $14,000 in medical bills in a 12 month period so since I'm essentially paying for everything, I price everything out and demand a cash discount. My colonoscopy cost $480 to the doctor and $1200 to the hospital vs almost $4,000 they would have billed an insurance company.

The problem is why the hell is health insurance tied to your job? Does your company pay for your home insurance? Car insurance? Can you use your homeowners insurance to replace a broken window? Of course not so why shouldn't the true cost of a doctor visit be paid for by an individual?

The damn GOVERNMENT will fuck up a wet dream. They're the ones responsible for this nightmare by allowing companies to offer it as a tax free benefit after the war.

Whenever you place a 3rd party in between the user and the provider, masking the true cost you're of course going to increase demand. A doctor visit for me isn't no BS $5 copay, it's a minimum of $85 so I'm damn sure it's necessary.

Brian said...

Excellent points and I agree. What happened in my case was my chicken shit employer did not pay the insurance premium after I gave my two weeks notice. Nor did she tell me.

And because of that, no I didn't ask the cost which is precisely the problem. Had I known any of this was happening I would have. Rather than fight or sue my ex employer or the hospital I tried to settle it. The said fuck you and sent it to collections. Ane here we are.

Eleven hundred dollars for a nine panel blood screen. They have clinics where they do it for free.

Greenleaf said...

OK I See.

I buy the exact tests I want in advance of a doctor's appointment from LEF. Than when I get the results, I can take them with me to discuss any potential red flags. I do not let my doctor do the tests, who needs the markup his office put on them? Turns out, he sends them to Lab Corp, which is the same place I go to directly.

I'm also leery of "free' medical care.

Costs me $225 for a pretty comprehensive work up. I'm surprised they wouldn't settle, so many medical bills never get a bit paid. I wonder why?

Brian said...

They don't settle because that would be like admitting that they had marked the test up the 1000% or so percent that they had. They would rather charge it off and gouge the next poor sap's insurance 1200...