Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Mind, Even a Vastly Over Rated Mind, Is a Terrible Thing To Lose

Quick Michelle, call the Presidential shrink. Phone in a new prescription. Do something. Your husband has taken complete leave of his senses. He has become delusional. He may have lost his mind.

President Obama was at a Jeep Wrangler factory Friday proclaiming that American business is "back." The recovery is on! President Obama did not mention the 15-25 million manufacturing jobs we have lost over the last 10 years. Or the real and actual 20% unemployment rate in the U.S. Obama did not mention his airtight plan for returning those jobs. All that project management he works on while vacationing in Europe and playing golf.  Or his staunch leadership in steering the most dysfunctional Congress toward deep budget cuts. 

I have never heard anyone accuse Barack of being a workaholic or an overachiever.

So the government threw billions at bankrupt automakers, hosed a few thousand bondholders, violated the Constitution, stole taxpayer money to do it and kept the democratic union voting blocks at GM and Chrysler intact. All this for a 15MPG 35k Jeep Wrangler? Big deal. Ya know,  if I throw a few million at some crappy business here in Boise- I'll bet they can survive a little longer. Maybe some buggy whip factory. Maybe at that import business that closed just down the street from me. Then I can loudly proclaim that Boise business is booming! It won't matter if they actually sell anything- they can just live off my largesse until it runs out a few years down the road after I am gone.

Those bailouts? It's just like UNEMPLOYMENT for BUSINESSES! Free money! Pinning hopes on Jeep Wranglers or incredibly over priced pieces of shit like the 50k Chevy Volt. Great strategy. Maybe I will buy a couple of them with all of my spare cash. Double down for about 1500 dollars worth of monthly car payments.

Somebody please help our President. He has lost his mind and forgotten where he placed it. I hope he finds it soon.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Clearly you've figured out that TARP was nothing but a quid pro quo for the Banksters who put him in office.

The GM/Chrysler bailouts were nothing more than a quid pro quo to the UAW who put him in office.

The so-called "stimulus" was nothing more than a quid pro quo as well - though a bit harder to spot...

See, the "stimulus" also went 100% to his union buddies...

It saved some .gov (read SEIU) jobs, and also went to build or repair a bunch of roads, schools, and property - and as always every single person involved in any of those projects were 100% UNION WORKERS TOO!

AND remember: they bought those votes fair-and-square! With YOUR MONEY!

What - you got a problem wit' 'dat?!

Brian said...

Obama is the worst President I have ever witnessed. There is not a doubt that he was installed by bankers, with banker money, and gave them a get out of jail free card. Clearly that is evident. Union voting blocks- same way.

I have missed you D Dad. Your comments are always well thought out and spot on. Thanks for swinging by.