Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eight Straight Weeks of 400,000+ New Unemployment Claims...Something Wicked This Way Comes

The problem with greed gone wild is that eventually it has to end. The cash buffet that the elite and big banks have been gorging themselves on will be over soon. QE2 is ending in a few weeks.

So just what will our financial masters use for an encore? What do they do next? They are now trying to finance and add another 2.4 trillion in debt when 3.5 million more Americans aren't paying taxes- this over the last eight weeks.

Think about this.

The only collateral the United States has when issuing treasury debt is the promise that American people will work, get taxed, and pay the interest and debt off. That's it. What happens when we can't even do that? Well, you are witnessing it now. The economic masters of the universe are trying to hold this debt implosion off until after the 2012 elections but this time...I don't think they can. QE3 is the only tool left. That's right...manufacture more money out of thin air.

This is what happens when failed businesses are not allowed to fail. This is what happens when taxpayers get plundered for trillions by sympathetic politicians paying off bankers. Our system is irretrievably broken.

Most people don't have the time to pay attention to this. Sadly, they are too busy trying to make a living so that Uncle Sam can waste their tax money. They are not going to see this coming until it's here.

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