Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Is Simply Not Viable As a Presidential Candidate

First some caveats.

I like Sarah Palin. She is attractive, outdoorsy, and comes from my adopted state of Idaho. Ethically and morally- I think she tries to do the right thing. I certainly don't see her as some sort of genius type nor do I think it takes a genius to be President. In fact, Mr. Obama, allegedly the smartest guy in any room, is a perfect example that intelligence (real or perceived) does not always translate into success. Particularly if that intelligence is misdirected or wasted.

For those that have followed me, I am a recovering independent. I started life as an independent and now am a devout Libertarian. I don't like the Republican Party and I sure as hell can't stand Democrats. I don't get caught up in partisan politics. I am proud to say that I didn't vote for either Obama or McCain. I voted for a guy named Bob Barr.

My problem with Palin is the same problem I have with Obama. Inexperience. Not only do both of these people have shadowy resumes'- they have no proven track record of performance. In fact, I think the two of them are very similar in a number of ways. That Palin resigned as Governor is problematic. I think she has the right to quit- but is that what she does when the going gets tough? What kind of message does that send?

This country is in dire need of a hero. Somebody with a proven track record of accomplishment and success. Somebody with personal courage and project management skills that can take a look at the mess we are in and plot a solution. We certainly don't have that now, and Palin doesn't exactly have the resume' that gets my blood flowing.

People seem to either love or hate Sarah Palin. I have never seen anyone in politics generate that kind of extreme emotion. Rarely do I hear someone say they don't have an opinion about her. At this point, I view Palin as simply a distraction and a non-starter. All things considered, I don't see how she can compete in a climb to the top of any nominating heap. I don't think America has the luxury of time nor can we risk another lost 4 years on a candidate with a suspicious resume or one who generates gridlock every where she goes. I like Sarah but feel certain that the juice simply ain't worth the squeeze.


rawmuse said...

Beg to differ. Of Obama and Palin, which one had executive experience before running for President? That would be the Governor (and prior to that, mayor) Palin.

She is a lightning rod, I will grant you that. But that is manufactured BS by the media. The lying, commie media, that is.

CMY said...

You really don't do yourself any favors by repeating the same vague talking points from '08-'09.

Find out what Sarah did to the GOP in AK and why she actually left office (instead of projecting). She's got quite a few enemies on both sides of the aisle and IMHO that's a good thing.

Greenleaf said...

New here-your posts have been very well written-your economic take is coming from reality and you're plugged into some excellent sources.

But either you're in the game or you're not. Bob Barr? We have a two party system. Was my hair on fire when GW was running up $160B deficits? Hell yes. But look what happened when the dems took control of Congress.

The way to make things work is to change the Republican Party ala Reagan. It ain't gonna change with folks like you throwing your vote away on the Barrs of the world.

When your state has it's primary, then work for the candidate that most closely represents your values. But whether or not your guy wins, in Nov it's time to get behind our party's nominee.

Voting for another Barr will do exactly what you fear, which is to give President Toothpick another 4 years to "fundamentally change this nation" We are 1 SC Justice away from literally flushing our Constitution down the toilet. Imagine if Kommander Jockstrap gets to fill Thomas' or Scalia's seat. Pretty horrible huh?

As for Palin, she shook up Alaska, fighting entrenched interests in both parties. She has a proven executive track record. Her reason for leaving the governorship is wholly legitimate. She doesn't give a rat's ass about the left dominated media. She's fearless. She's unabashedly Christian. She was the only one out there in the run up to 2010 fighting for conservatives. pREgressives are scared to death of her. She energizes Republicans like no one else.

What the hell do you want?

cjstorm said...

Amen Greenleaf. Sarah has the stuff. The BS put out from the media about her is largely just that....BS. Personally, i like her chances.

davecydell said...

Uh, wake up !

We have an enormous economic problem in what is left of this country, political involvement has caused it, politics now muddies the windshield.

We are one or two RCHs away from tanking almost overnight.

And yet, as 2012 looms closer, there is nobody in this huge freaking nation who is yet stepping up with a solution. Nobody.

Brian said...

I like the discussion here. I just can't see Sarah and that invisible resume taking the controls.

Love Greenleaf's analysis...but let me run this by you...
I don't believe in wasting votes. I believe that anyone who votes for an R or D candidate is in fact wasting their vote. It is wasted if you lose and so what if you win? The last 40 years has been chock full of winners and just what have all of those "winners" gotten us? What did the "winners" get that voted for Obama? Or Bush?

The greatest con on this planet is this mongrel dog alleged two party system which in fact- is just a one party system.

Other than the politicians and government workers there are no winners in this monopolistic system.

Running out and electing another rookie politician with a very dubious resume' could spell disaster. I think we may be in such horrible shape financially and economically in 2012 that most people can't pull the lever for Sarah. God help us.

davecydell said...

"Running out and electing another rookie politician with a very dubious resume' could spell disaster"

That is an intriguing statement.

Does it demand that we get a Professional Politician or a rookie with a stellar resume.

For years I have been one of those that believes we need a CEO, not a Pol. Yes. I was in the Trump camp.

However, now that we are here, I offer up this silly suggestion: How about a Constitution that puts a strangle hold on all of the bastards.

rawmuse said...

The other thing you have to consider is being the President of the USA has become such a thankless job and a royal pain in the ass that I am amazed anyone wants the gig, at any pay grade. This will only become worse as half of the populace seems to impart messianic properties on the office holder, properties that were never intended to be.

rawmuse said...

Sorry to go on, but one thing I like about Sarah is that she never set foot in Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Columbia or any other of those Ivy League sewers. You have to admit that the crew we have gotten from those institutions has been pretty darned suspect.

Brian said...

I totally agree with you RM. Sarah pieced an education together...I looked it over once...something like 6 different state schools.

Not to go off on a tangent but it is absolute insanity that the people in this country think that Ivy League Schools are any better than state schools. Do they teach different physics, laws, or math? Of course not. It is a testament to the insanity of our culture that spoiled brats from Ivy league schools are somehow BETTER or SMARTER. Pure bullshit.

I'd do the President deal. I have fantasies about slashing DC to the bone and prosecuting criminals.