Friday, June 3, 2011

The Smartest Guys in the Room, the Bankers Are Scratching Their Heads- Still Waiting for the Gold Bubble to Burst

There is no fucking bubble.

You see, bankers issue this worthless fiat currency. They want you to use that stuff. The competition, real money, has been gold and silver for centuries. That is the stuff that lasts....unfortunately all fiat currency returns to it's intrinsic value. Zero.

When they unearthed King Tutankhamun, they did not see his sarcophagus stuffed with worthless paper currency. The death chamber did not contain some Egyptian fiat. They found gold. Weird huh?

The "smart money" has been telling us for the last three years that the gold "bubble" is going to burst. Let me state this emphatically. There is only one way for gold to go. Up. Because all that's left in a bankrupt paper world is the ability to print more worthless paper. Hold off that economic boogie man as long as they can. Gold simply has an inverse relationship to fiat. Print more fiat, gold goes up. Simple as that.

For those of you on the gold go parabolic when QE3 gets announced later this year. At that point, even the drooling idiots will be able to see the end of the dollar and our imminent bankruptcy. You will not be able to buy gold for under 2k an ounce. Perhaps higher.

One last thing. The bankers aren't the smartest guys in the room. A monopoly over our currency and the ability to print it- should never be mistaken for intelligence. Self centered-ness and greed, stealing from people, doesn't have a damn thing to do with intelligence. It never has.

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