Friday, June 3, 2011

Ray Lewis Now Engaging in Extreme Makeover

I love football. I loved playing football. Especially on the defensive side. My favorite player of all time, Ronnie Lott, walked into the Woodside Bakery (near Redwood City) a couple of years ago and nearly gave me a heart attack.

Ray Lewis is easily one of the best defensive football players I have ever seen. His presence on the football field has changed the outcome of a lot of games. The Ravens won a Superbowl with Lewis. Lewis has now vowed to help a 10 year old boy who lost his entire family in a terrible car accident.

A little over a decade ago, Lewis was a co-defendant in a murder case. Interestingly enough, Lewis was given one of the greatest sweetheart deals of all time. Plead to a misdemeanor, get a slap on the wrist, and testify against your co-defendants. Lewis was more than happy to take that deal.

The problem with killing someone is that you can't ever make it right. You can throw money at the surviving family I suppose, but you can't give a human being his life back. What Ray Lewis and his friends did over a decade ago- was deplorable.

Co-defendant cases are a bitch to prosecute. I understand that. There is a piece of me that still wants Lewis to pay for what he did. Funny how the rich and famous always find a way out. I hope that Lewis can re-capture a little of the human decency he lost outside that Atlanta nightclub a little over a decade ago. Maybe a few more random acts of kindness will help him. I hope so.


davecydell said...

I used to hang out at the Cancun Cantina in Hanover, Md. Loved that CW dance hall. Oh for a two step now. Met many a sweet lady there. Tony owned the bar, believe he still does. He also ran a limo service, rented the limo that Lewis was in when it was shot up. He paraded the limo and continued to rent it bullet holes and all for awhile.

Timoshenko just bulldozed over E-Fro in the WSOP 25k Heads up semi. Coming up. Great Dane vs Cody. Live on ESPN3, watching as if I am in a bunker watching others in their bunkers, all the while Obama annihilates the above ground world. Erie.

Brian said...

Geezus. I bet horses all day. It was a very good day. Our simulcast is up finally- after 3 years MIA.