Friday, September 9, 2011

Relegated to the Dust Bin of History

I couldn't bring myself to listen to President Obama last night. I just couldn't. Not because I can't stand the man- but because he is the most spineless nin-com-poop I have ever heard talk.

Does this guy ever take a stand on anything? Apparently not. He won't prosecute corrupt bankers, when he wants higher taxes on the wealthy- he ends up caving in because he needs their financial support. His latest plan is the same old plan that didn't work the first time. Hey, I got an idea! Let's spend another half a trillion that we don't have and get us some jobs!

Remember those promises? The first stimulus and how it was supposed to keep a lid on unemployment? We all see how well that worked out. It didn't. Companies like Solyndra took the stimulus money, kept it and declared bankruptcy, and laid off all 1100 workers.

So Obama's big plan is- if something doesn't work the first time, let's try it again. And then, because the economy can't possibly be your fault- make sure you deride Congress and berate them a little. Blame them for your inability to lead. Like I said. Nothing new here. The same old Obama. Glad I didn't waste the time...

I'm glad  the GOP didn't offer a rebuttal to the plan. Nothing more needed to be said.

President Obama is completely devoid of personal courage. I have said it many times. It takes courage to take a stand. Obama waffles on everything. This guy doesn't have personal courage. The good and the great have personal courage. Those without personal courage are relegated to the dust bins of history. 

This is what Ronald Reagan had to say about it. Someone once said that every form of government has one characteristic peculiar to it and if that characteristic is lost, the government will fall. In a monarchy, it is affection and respect for the royal family. If that is lost the monarch is lost. In a dictatorship, it is fear. If the people stop fearing the dictator he'll lose power. In a representative government such as ours, it is virtue. If virtue goes, the government fails. Are we choosing paths that are politically expedient and morally questionable? Are we in truth losing our virtue? . . . If so, we may be nearer the dustbin of history than we realize. Ronald Reagan quotes (American

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Daniel W said...

Well said. Nuff said. Now lets get some adults in washington.