Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Less Day, 2011

The unemployment report on Friday showed zero jobs had been added to the economy. That of course is shaded high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS manipulates the number week after week. Always making the employment picture appear rosier than it truly is. So what's the real unemployment rate?

I tend to agree with ShadowStats 22.7% figure. Here's a good piece that explains why government generated figures are completely unreliable.

Two other really dreadful things have happened. People are finding part time jobs without benefits. And the salaries of the full time jobs that they do find- have been reduced.

I land in the "never have been counted" unemployed group. I'd like to work but find myself looking at slave wages with no benefits. It makes little sense to me, to subject myself to 40 hours a week of tyranny to make a wage I made 30 years ago and turn an even larger piece over to the government. 

I find Labor Day this year a little ironic. Like celebrating something that no longer exists here. Do they have Labor Day in China or Mexico? If not- they should think about starting one.

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Anonymous said...

The unemployed need to get a clue and go back to school.

College students living in the lap of luxury

No job? Fuggedaboutit and chillax for four-five years courtesy of the Fred. Stop yer whining and get on board!

Today's student expects college to be an 'experience.' Something akin to Disneyland or a trip to Yurp.

Study? Fuck that. Pool parties, drinking parties, toga parties, bong parites... well, you get the idea.

Thank the Money Gods fiat money is cheap money and we have a another debt bubble to make their dream come true.

There will be plenty'o'jobs awaiting on the other side of the rainbow. Am I right or am I right?