Saturday, September 10, 2011

An American Renaissance

In the beginning, there were jobs. Men and women performed jobs. They had jobs because there was a demand for their specific type of service or the things that they produced. Men and women could charge affordable prices and make profits. Business owners employed people to make items or provide services that were in demand. Everyone tried to make a profit so that they could live comfortably. Not ungodly profits but fair profits. Ungodly profits tend to introduce competition and drive prices down. That''s how all of this used to work. Back when we had free market capitalism.

Then the government got involved. First they started taking small amounts of taxes and then later, larger amounts of taxes. Then they started creating new taxes and taking even more. They forced insurance costs upon business owners. State and local governments took all that they could. Big and small government introduced regulation and bureaucracy which forced lower profit margins and compliance was costly and burdensome. Because the government does not create anything usable, they quickly became a drain on society. They plundered everyone's profits. Their bank, the Federal Reserve, helped destroy the currency that people relied on. It helped create inflation which is another hidden tax by creating too much debt and currency. Government then demanded that business pay for health insurance. Jobs left. Small business owners said fuck it. Big corporations took manufacturing to places where they could make a fair profit again without everything being stripped bare by government. And then government scratched it's head and said, "what's wrong?" as though they had nothing to do with it.

In fact, the only thing wrong with free market capitalism is government. Sans government, society and the free market perform admirably.

We cannot get our way of life back until we rid ourselves of this cancer we call government. Giant agencies like the Department of Energy that waste 100's of billions of dollars providing absolutely nothing. Ask somebody what the Department of Energy does and you will get a shoulder shrug. At the most critical juncture in the economic life of this country- a point where bankers and government have absolutely raped this country and stolen it's wealth- we elected a statist who wants even more.

Don't take it personally- Obama simply lied about who he was. That's all. He came off like a centrist on purpose to get as many votes as possible. He has tried to turn us into a full blown socialist state and that's ok too. In fact, we may become bankrupt far sooner and quicker because of Obama. I call that a blessing. I prefer quick death to slow death.

To call Obama and his administration delusional is entirely too simplistic. He doesn't know the first thing about government and it's role in creating or destroying jobs. Obama and his ilk are job destroyers. They think they can just throw money, i.e. stimulus around, and like Miracle Grow- jobs will materialize. They don't understand people or free markets. And that's what takes this history full circle.

Business owners and people work to make a fair profit. They do not work so that they can take all of their profits and turn them over to a government that has gone berserk. Free markets work the best when government gets the fuck out of them. The more government interferes in free markets with crippling taxes and regulation that force places insurance and gobs of it, unemployment, workman's comp, liability packages, health packages- we become socialists. People quit working. The system freezes up and vapor locks because there is no point in working for layers of government intent on regulating, taxing, and stealing your work product. Workers just say fuck it. Businesses just say fuck it. Low level government employees just say fuck it because they don't make anything related to GDP anyway. Government supervisors allow piss poor performance because they aren't out anything. In government, everyone has their head in the trough. Tragically, the only guy that gets screwed in this entire performance is the taxpayer. And unfortunately or fortunately perhaps- the taxpayer is all but dead.

We are out of jobs and we are out of taxpayers. The demographics are such that the younger generations can't support the older, larger generation. That's what happens when a society implodes. It's really not much of a mystery. We can't pay the debt or the tax bill. We don't have jobs and this government of ours has absolutely ruined any chance of changing that structural flaw. After wasting trillions, Obama wants to waste another 500 billion more on a jobs problem that is so fundamentally flawed- structurally damaged- that it cannot be fixed. Who did that? Who ruined the American dream?

It doesn't really matter anymore. There is no solution in beating a dead horse like Obama. Those of us who can do something- do it. Those who can't- teach. Obama doesn't understand Economics 101. He was probably smoking dope before class. There cannot be an American renaissance until we address the structural job killing policies of a government gone insane. We cannot begin to address the return of jobs stateside until we fix all of the bureaucratic regulation, policies and trade policies, taxes, insurance, that drove businesses offshore in the first place. Piece by miserable piece. Maybe if we can identify all of those broken parts and fix them- we can get government the hell out of our lives and return a few jobs to our shores.

Or we continue as we are. How's that been working out so far?


ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

"Ask somebody what the Department of Energy does and you will get a shoulder shrug."

Not everyone.


Anonymous said...

America is being systematically destroyed by a cancer called statism. some how we must get people to understand that when they go into the voting booth in 2012 they are not choosing between Republicans and Democrats or between candidates X and candidates Y. The choice they are making at every level is between more government and less freedom or less government and more freedom. Unless the electorate votes massively on every level for less government and more freedom, America will be transformed, as Obama says, into something totally un-American.