Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ron Paul Gets It

One of the big knocks on Ron Paul is his aversion to military spending. People, particularly the right, love to paint Paul as some anti-patriot. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ron Paul knows that the FED and Central Bankers everywhere love war. They love to finance war. Wars satisfy their greed and fuel the debt driven money supply. Full scale engagements consume gobs of hardware, fuel, and they keep soldiers and suppliers employed. The military complex/budget is a banker buffet. In short, war is the perfect solution for bankers.War has gotten us out of depressions. It worked for Germany twice, it has worked for us.

The problem with war is that real people die. Soldiers are sold this patriotic bullshit about dying for their country. Yet you don't see many sons and daughters of the banking elite, nor the elite in general, sending their kids off to be patriots. In the end, I can't escape the awful truth that a segment of our society- and we all know which segment that is- gets sacrificed at the hands of bankers and our economy.

In this clip, you are going to hear Paul use the term "Military Keynes- ism." What he is saying is that military spending and war for the sake of fueling debt and the money supply is wrong. Killing people to support your economy is wrong. It's the first time I have heard that term. I think it is very appropriate.

For those of you who don't get this, and never will, feel free to go sign up with your nearest recruiter. The bankers and the government are always in search of patriots. It's good for business even if it ain't so good for you.


Dave said...

I'm very conflicted with one of your lines in this post, "sign up with your recruiter." I dont think those people that do that are saps. I dont know if that statement pisses me off because its true to a point, and that makes me angry, or what. You know that I was (am)a Marine. Nothing, Nothing that I have done professionally since that time (1982-1990) has mattered as much to me as that time. Yet I feel that during that entire 8 year period (Reagan), being deployed overseas four times,I was generally safe. Except for Beirut, and Grenada,and the continuing posturing with the Russians, nothing much was going on. I think our enemies thought Reagan would wipe them out if they gave him half a chance.

Fast Forward to now. A different time. My oldest son, who you know, is stationed in Italy with his wife in the Air Force. He works on IT security. Pretty safe, however Frankfurt Airport is safe also. My high schooler asked me my opinions on him joining the Marines, like his old man. I said that I would be proud of him but that he should do somthing else. I told him that I didn't trust the people and the forces at work that would willingly send him into harms way, for the wrong reasons. I told him that he was already head and shoulders a better person, morally and ethically, than the jerks running this country. Than I tought about what I told my son, and I was very very sad, almost to the point of tears.

24thIndependent said...

What you don't mention is where Ron Paul got that phrase, "Military Kenynesianism". He got it from liberal Congressman Barney Frank, who spoke just before him. Go watch that clip, or read it:

Brian said...

Big D...

I understand. I get angry and I am not even in the service. What I am trying to convey is this...that bankers love war. They make a lot of money and they run this fucking place. Given the slightest we go. Afghanistan? WTF are we doing there? Imagine being a banker and financing both sides.

I absolutely believe we are on the verge of a horrendous conflict right now. All of the ingredients are being put into place.

I get really angry because I can't dismiss the real possibility that the elite view us as tools. And the only way they can get us to go do that shit- is convincing us it's for God and country. That somehow we are patriots. What I am saying is that they have no skin in the game. You wanna stop that fucking madness? Make everyone serve in the military. Make every Congressman's son and daughter do two years, make every banker's rich kid at Yale and Harvard do a couple of years.

When everyone has the same skin in the game, then I would feel better knowing that our war decisions were not capitalistic or economic decisions. Think about this. Do the elite send their kids into the military? Do the elite, Congressman, sign up for Obamacare? Fuck no they don't, they exempt themselves. This is a caste system.

My feelings about this gained traction in the WRV. I couldn't understand the contempt I always felt when dealing with those rich and spoiled brats. The lawyers, developers, the trust funders- people that thought we were a bunch of unintelligent hicks. That we became cops because we were entirely incapable of doing anything else. I felt that there. I don't know if you do...D. My gut tells me yes. I will finish with this. I get very angry at the mood of this country toward public servants including the military.

I can't escape the very real possibility that we operate under a caste system. You have a lot of skin in this game. I respect that. I meant no disrespect but maybe I caused you to think...who and what are we really fighting and dying for? I don't mind defending my country. Shit, I'd sign up tomorrow if I had to. But what really pisses me off is that we go and fight wars over oil, get rid of one despot and install a new one. Everyone seems to benefit except those poor kids who get killed and that really, really, pisses me off.

Dave said...

Oh, absolutely. I dont take offense. I get mad because you grow up thinking a certain way, that service to others is a higher calling than service to self. But then you realize that the people calling the shots, making the decisions, dont share that philosophy. In fact, they count on others to think that way, and they prey on that. Your damn right I'm scared, Libya here we come!!. Oman, Bahrain, Indonesia. When this Libya thing went down, the USS Kearsarge was in the gulf, empty. reports said they were looking for a Marine Battalion to get ready in case something happened. The battalion assigned to that ship is in Afghanistan. WE DONT HAVE ANY MORE TROOPS TO SPARE!. These guys are going over two, three, four times, and no one cares. These kids are dying everyday and no one cares. But pre empt American Idol and watch all hell break loose.

I'm glad you and the other bloggers are here. I'd rather be pissed and informed and then learn something than a fat sheep sitting in front of the idiot box.

Dave said...

Oh, By The Way... Dog Bless You


rawmuse said...

Having read the post and comments, I am of two minds on the topic. Yes, militarism and war are an abysmal waste, but we play the hand we are dealt.

Being a boomer, I grew up in the post global conflict environment. So, it is an easy thing to have the political position that Ron Paul has, but at the same time, it is a denial of reality. It is a kind of magical thinking. Wars exist. They always have. Seldom has humankind known peace. It is wise to prepare for wars, unwise to do so at the expense of your general well being. There has to be a balance. I buy guns and ammo, but I don't go broke doing it.

The USA is currently providing military assistance to much of the Western world. The problem is that we are doing it largely for free. We recently deployed a carrier group to the Korean theater, for which we spend millions, and get nothing in return from Korea. One wonders how long this can continue. (BTW, I am the offspring of a Korean peninsula KIA)

I tend toward isolationism, but that theory was shattered in the period from 1939 through 1945 as untenable. War finds you. It seeks you out.

Such thoughts are moot. Here we are, what do we do going forward?

One thing we can do is to call the devil by its name, and quit dancing around the growing threat posed by Islamism, and communism. This is not happening, we in the West are in near total denial on this issue. We simply pretend the threat is not there. We tend to do this until an event shakes us out of our slumber.

And thus the stage is set for the next war.

Brian said...

I agree. Recently RM I did battle over a righty blog that labeled Paul unrealistic...Rand also...after they both had said Israel has the training, arms, and dough to defend themselves. It's time to cut the umbilical cord- we can't afford it.

In came the antisemitic spewage, the haters that see Paul as a threat. They have different agendas for disliking Paul and some don't understand his libertarian tenets. Some even think he is liberal since some of the tenets of the Libertarians have a hands off approach to government.

I am not sure I want to fight these battles anymore. I think if Paul is not elected, honestly, we are screwed. Just his knowledge of the FED and eliminating it would help us tremendously. But the bankers will never have that. They and their ilk will relegate him to the fringes. In that sense, he is almost as unviable as they get.

rawmuse said...

The matter of Israel is very complex. American evangelist types are very fond of Israel. I even have a young nephew there right now, studying Aramaic, of all things. I hope to visit there before war comes again, and it is coming. I have been there once, but that was a long time ago.

rawmuse said...

After some reflection, Chief, this occurred to me. It is by no means original. Weakness is a provocation. If you are perceived as weak, then some one is going to have a go at you. That is all there is to it. I am certain that you have seen this in your own service.

So my attitude is to go ugly, early. Simply because some aggressors respect nothing else.

Brian said...

Geezus RM, I always agree with you. There is nothing wrong with throwing skynet up. I am just tired of fighting everyone's wars for them and I gotta tell ya- I am sick of the rich and elite profiting from somebody else's patriotism. At the rate we are going, the whole fucking world just might gang up on us anyway.